Rumoured to have trouble with his laces too

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So how much for Cookie then? :wink:

Surprised you released Morris btw, he would have done a ‘job’ in League Two for you. Don’t think we will offer him a deal, if we do it will be a one year on a low wage I would think.

You’ve made the right choice getting Clarke in, hes a good manager, especially for League Two level.

What are your hopes for next season? Top 3? Play Offs? Think if you manage to keep Cook hes good for at least 20 league goals, probably pushing 25.

I was surprised at the level of League Two, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Saying that though our lads still worked their backside’s off to get us back to back promotions. Our January business was key, Morris played his part but the signing of David Perkins from Rochdale brought both quality and composure to our midfield. Few other signings made the difference of course and long term members of the squad stepping up even more. Oh and Norwood scored 32 :grin:

Think you’ll be fine next season, given the manager you’ve hired. Maybe a top 3 push wont be beyond you!

Goodluck for next season!



We could swap Cookie for Norwood…:wink::grinning:



Haha!! Sorry Sid but think hes got his eyes on the Ipswich move and a reported (eye watering) 9k a week!!

Hes certainly been a massive success for us over the last 4 seasons though, considering we got him on a free!

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Third tier clubs spending the thick end of half a million a year in wages on one player. No wonder the likes of us are only going one way.

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250k he is yours… I really don’t think Clarke is keen to have him around the club. we will also chuck in Morgan ferrier has part of the deal :+1:



I want Cook to stay. I hope we won’t sell because towards the end of the season there were signs that he and Gordon were beginning to play well together. He and Gordon with the right support could be devastating in Division 2.



Indeed, and a risk that we will not get someone as effective.
Proviso is that he is up for it though. May see his mate Norwood on the up and think he should have some of it as well.



Don’t worry,Bonser will make sure Cook gets some of it, if he gets an offer for him.



I’m the same as WalsallOne on this, if the worse was to happen, I would hope the club would use their brains and tell the buying club we will only sanction the transfer if we have someone else lined up. I’m personally crossing my fingers Cooky will see what Darren Clarke is doing and get excited for the new season also. :slight_smile:

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The amount of money our Chairman would accept for Cook , or anyone else for that matter would not be enough to replace anyone near as good …
If Peterborough were to sell Cook he would probabaly go for trebel what Bonser would let him go for
I personally hope we keep hold of Cook



It will be interesting to see what happens with Stefan Payne at Bristol Rovers. A big money marquee signing for Darrell Clarke last season but after a gesture made to his own supporters after an away defeat, it quickly turned the twitter fans against him. Sound familiar?

I wonder whether Scunthorpe might try a cheeky loan bid because their gaffer obviously got a tune out of him at Shrewbury.

The jury’s out with me and cookie. On one hand, he and Ferrier should boss league two; however, they were also part of a Walsall team that I despised with all their ear cupping and winding up of the away supporters for no good reason.

I hope that Clarke gets tough with some of the players: Ferrier needs to produce before acting like he is a boss while Cook needs to play with Gordon like they did v Peterborough a bit more often.

Personally, Kinsella, Devlin and Scarr have the battle for league two; the rest can be replaced. Cookie is like a decent car with a few too many miles on the clock: still a good motor but might let you down and is only going to go down in value as he gets older and his contract runs down.