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I think he’s decent, and will do a good, often thankless job for us.

He was ■■■■ today though.


someone said to me “i wonder if deano is brave enough to sub him” :rofl:


i said exactly the same to the guy’s round me , and said he was probably smashing the changing room’s up while the game was going on without him :joy:


oh ye it was you :rofl:


Yes, he offered nothing and was bullied by their No. 6. He needs to produce more next week against Barnsley.


God hope we’re not tuning on the lad already
Yes he was - - - - today but i think they made most of us look that way
Cook look’s like he’s peed off all the time and today was no different , because they had two big guy’s on him every time we got the ball in his vicinity ( even if the ref missed a lot of holding and pulling back by them ) or any one else’s for that matter
think we we’re found out a little today , stick a couple of big lad’s on our front two and we’re struggling :thinking:


My lad commented today he always looks knackered haha


Blackpool have only conceded 3 goals this season in the league and have only scored 4. Shows how they are set up to defend, They won’t concede may all season and won’t score many either.


Because he’s not fit enough really in today’s standard’s (beer belly for one , and none league football for another ) for the running here and there , but normally run’s till he drop’s but today had not to much joy with the big guy’s that we’re all over him as soon as a ball was played up to him


He looked tired today rest him on Tuesday and play Gordon.


He didn’t look interested to me, those 2 central defenders took no prisoners thou tbh, he likes to get on the end of crosses and there wasn’t any for him to get on the end of.


I like Cookie a lot. However his fitness and ability to get round the pitch is concerning.

Keates needs to address it and get him on a diet immediately, I know we all laugh and joke but a professional athlete should not have a gut that size!


Thought the defenders yesterday absolutely had him in their pockets. Not because he was particularly bad, but because they are just exactly the type of defender he will always struggle against, thankfully we won’t see too many like that I don’t think.

Sad to see people on Twitter already writing him off, yet some of them are the same that said Baka will back to hurt us when we sold him! I’m sure some of the ‘opinions’ are just attention seeking on Twitter but still.

Anyway, Cookie is vital to the way we play and is perfect alongside Ferrier. He’s not going to score all the goals but he’s certainly going to help create them.


Typical Walsall first poor game in a match where everyone was poor and he is rubbish how many goals has he already made with his flick ons and he will create many more.


Simply snuffed out by a well drilled and uncompromising defence

Just gotta hope not many teams deal with our main threats as well as Blackpool did


He was the dogs ■■■■■■■■ a few weeks ago…come on fellas, cut the guy some slack.

Bernie Wright had a bit of a beer belly and did OK. Now there was a bastard.



He just needs to practice his penalties!!


I like Andy Cook and I think in time when he is fully adjusted to the Football League he will do well and chip in with a fair few goals.

ON Saturday though, he reminded me of Alfie Wood :grin::grin:


saw him score a scorcher at Bury away once, he did the biggest lap of celebration i had ever seen only for it to be ruled out for someone else being offside :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Have we finished paying for Alfie yet?