Ditto, with a few 'get the ■■■■ in’s thrown in!


Exactly the same. I was consumed in my own celebration and the Walsall fan to our left being legged around the sterile zone by stewards.

By the time I’d composed myself all that was left of the goal celebration on the pitch was Ferrier’s now customary slow walk back to the halfway line.


Played well today and deserved a goal for his efforts.


For me, we look a better team every time he plays, he’s a genuine centre forward and I think he’ll get plenty of goals at this level.

But he has to get fitter. Last 25 minutes of the game you can see he’s gassed, hands on hips, huffing and puffing etc. If he is good enough to still get goals when he is lacking that yard of pace and fitness, think how good he could be if he was fit!


I remember someone telling me a few years ago that Andy Rammell would be drinking in the old cedar tree until 2.00 am in the morning, then pounding the streets at 6.00 am, and what a star he turned out to be, if you have got it you have got it :wink:


Witnessed Brian Caswell being turfed out of Katz nightclub (Cat and Fiddle) opposite Leicester Street back in the 80s, in the mid afternoon. Must have been a bad pint. LOL.


:smile: What a player he was, hard as nails, i remember a player taking him out during a game at fellows park, he turned over sat on the players chest and punched him in the gob :rofl: but the play had switched up field so it was missed by all the officials :rofl: and there was no cameras filming everything in those days :wink:


Where was “Katz” & “The Cat & Fiddle” opposite Leicester St ?
The only “Katz” i know was the Victoria in Lower Rushall St.
Never known a Cat and fiddle in Walsall.
Please enlighten me!
Great Bar…yes, Walsall…?


you mean pheasey.


Eight goals now for Cookie. Very impressive return for a player stepping up 2 divisions. Its actually three more than he had this time last season when he ended up with 28. Love having him in our team.


Glad he’s finding his feet. Clever turn and finish too.


Don’t tell Bernie. The one poster on here whom i’ve never been able to differentiate as someone who is either a total wind up or someone who actually knows ■■■■■ all about football.


I wasn’t there yesterday but he has looked a lot better the last few weeks. At the start of the season he seemed anxious and angry but now he seems a bit more relaxed and is playing all the better for it.

He set himself a target of 15 goals at the start of the season and looks well on course for that. He is also involved in lots of our other goals too.

He’s proving to be a fine signing.


Superb turn and finish for his goal. He’s starting to relax now and his game is better for it.


Plus he’s still trying to trim down the beer belly …good lad , ■■■■ nows what he’ll do when he’s fully fit


Surprised there hasn’t been a bump to this thread.

Start of the season I had my doubts on Cook. Not that he wasn’t capable of scoring in this league but more his fitness and all around game wasn’t there.

Happy to be proved wrong as guy has been outstanding last two months. Not just continuing to chip in with goals but his hold up has been brilliant.

Way it’s going he’ll be the difference between league 1/2 football next season.


…And our next big sell no doubt …:roll_eyes:


I copied an earlier thread on here where i was talking to the Tramere fan about us getting Norwood off them to partner Cook up front …oh boy if only we had some ambition


heard today the vultures are already circling.bad news if true of course.


best player on the pitch for us today.