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Guy is a monster.

In this form can’t see him being here next season I’m afraid.


i cant see him being here next month if a half decent offer comes in.


Just shows how things can change…only a few months ago people were doubting his ability!!! He is a good performers at our level and thank goodness we have him.


I was one who questioned his ability to play at league 1 level, always glad to be proved wrong, hope he continues in his current form, if he is sold that will ( according to our beloved chairman) be money that is split 50/50 in team strengthening and infrastructure? So I can assume a delivery of mops will be dispatched asap to soak all the p–s up in the bogs.


He will be sold


Our best player by a clear distance, with better service he’d score a boat load at this level.


Isn’t anyone we ever have or had that turns out to be any good ,

and this will never ever change with the Chairman that we have at the moment


Even if he is sold which I think he will be. 500k maybe .It goes to show if you show the ambition we showed to get him in the first place on a regular basis you get the the rewards. As long as you re invest the money . As we will always like many other clubs be a selling club. UTS


Can’t see him going until the summer. Boner is a greedy bastard but he ain’t daft. We need Cook to help us stay up.


He will be loving it now we have jarvis supplying the balls we just need this defence sorting


Bonser wont care if the offer is good enough he will be gone this month seen it all before aint we?


Started well, dipped (looked a bit fat and off the pace - and I had my doubts) but to be fair has got fit and really done the business.

There’s a talent in Ferrier too, possibly more so. We have to get him developing too.


Madness to sell your key striker when you’re pretty much in a relegation battle now.

That’s something even Bonser dosen’t dare do.


like i said if the offer is good enough its always the same story.


Yep hands up I was one of them. No doubting he’d score goals but his hold up play wasn’t great first 10 games (improved so much last two months) and more generally many were commenting on his fitness really flagging after an hour and getting through three games in a week. No such problem on both counts now.

Guy acts like a winner aswell so he’ll want to be competiting at top of league like he was at Tranmere soon enough I suspect.


In the summer.

Bonser hasn’t dared sell a crown jewel of the team in January since the infamous Dann/Fox window.

Not selling Etheridge in January 2017 has cost the club…sorry The Venue…sorry Suffolk Pension fund millons.


The club will never make millions out of transfers til it offers decent wages and long term contracts.

On a ■■■■ deal, any players agent will be chasing scouts off the car park at Bescot


Well thats added a few noughts :rofl:


Here’s a question if a club offered let’s say 750,000 for cook and uncle Jeff said we could have 500 k of it to re invest on players . Would you be happy to sell ???


No, no guarantee we’d get anyone near as good