I’d extend his contract even if there is a clause which allows him to leave. If he’s under contract at least we’d get a decent fee and not be held to ransom.


with jarvis now in the team cook is probably one of our best assets so no i wouldn’t sell


He was that before to be fair to him. Just even more so now


Would be great to extend his contract. I was one of those I admit that questioned his ability. GREAT to be proved wrong. Go on the COOKIE :cookie: MONSTER :japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre:


A proper replacement for andy rammell :wink:


Surely a bit of credit has to go to Deano here.


of course :wink:


15 goals in just over half a season where he was getting literally no service and he’s missed a few chances in games too, so he could easily have been on 20 now.

What I loved about his hat trick was he scored with three attempts, Bradford away he had three attempts and didn’t score, but he was clinical today.

The service he’s getting from Jarvis aswell is absolutely unreal, everytime Jarvo gets the ball he always looks to beat a man and whip a ball into Cook, I absolutely love them pair.


We need to remember that he turns 29 this year. Therefore this is unlike many previous scenarios where we have had young up and coming strikers who have most of their development and career ahead of them.

By most footballing norms Cook is probably at his peak right now. So we won’t have “silly money” offers flying about and our standard modus operandi of juicy sell-ons would probably diminish very quickly.

Through Cookie’s own eyes his relatively late blossom will mean that he won’t have made a great deal of money from the game. He is at the height of his earning power right now and he will be making his own assessment about what is right for him.

If we were relegated he would probably agitate for a move in the summer. He hasn’t got time to be taking steps backwards to ultimately stand still. And 20 goal in a relegated side would be proof enough that he is at least a very good third tier striker so I doubt there would be any shortage of suitors who would be prepared to spend £500k on such a talent. I doubt we’d stand in his way either.

If we stay up , he’d be happier and it should take seven figures to prize him away in the summer with that £500k being the January 2020 price.

Walsall’s next move should be as @enniskillen suggests above. We should seek to extend him for another year with a £1.5m release clause which gives him security but also the assurance if “dream move” offers come in.

I’ve given Keates some stick in recent weeks so it is only fair to acknowledge what a fantastic signing Andy Cook has been.


No way in hell will the club push the boat out on a new contract for him, we all know that as soon as an offer which meets Jeff’s approval (£500k or so I reckon, maybe even less, whatever he gets will be pure profit after all) and he’ll be gone, no matter what division.

On current form, I reckon a top end League One club, or even a lower Championship one, would take a punt on him given the relative peanuts it would cost to prize him away from us.


Can you imagine selling him now with the current supporter unrest.:rofl:


I was just thinking about his hat trick, and getting the match ball, i wonder if the sentiment means as much today as it did years ago when the match ball WAS the match ball? the one he walked away with yesterday was probably one of several used on the day.


Why do you devalue an award our best player got for scoring an hat trick I’ve heard it all now


Don’t want to be a party pooper…BUT…he will never get an easier hatrick…he wasn’t challenged at all for any of the goals…but glad he got a hatrick…he deserves it…hard hat firmly fixed…:smile::man_factory_worker:


How have i devalued the award??? i was just wondering what a match ball meant in modern day football, i think you have got the wrong end of the stick. As i certainly didn’t mean it that way.


Good question but absolutely not. We would find it difficult getting in a player as important as Cook and so if we didn’t get the right player in, I think we’d end up going down.


Cookie is renowned for scoring lots of goals in the second half of the season, eg this time last season he had 12, and went on to get 28. By my reckoning if he could repeat that feat he would become the first player to get 30 in a season for us since Alan Buckley in 1975/6?? Remember Lightbourne and Kelly getting high 20’s but I don’t think any of them hit 30, and they were playing in relatively successful free-scoring teams.


30 goals and he’s definitely gone bitter sweet life of being a saddler


Kelly got 30 goals in 87 88 promotion season but that did include 4 playoff games in which he got at least 4 goals. Cookie looks on course to get mid to high 20s if he and his supply stay fit


His fitness has improved so much. Early season he was blowing after half a game and struggling to get through three games in a week.

Don’t forget last week he had an issue with his shoulder so doubt he was even 100%. All credit to him and Jarvis should help him either more rest of the season.