Corey Blackett-Taylor signs on loan

From the Vile

Welcome Corey…hope you can help us in the run in.

Brother of Daryl Taylor, apparently!

I’m not writing him off but why are we replacing Morris with an inexperienced kid? I don’t see the logic to be honest. We’ll see anyway, could be a gem. Would rather have got Ward in.

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Cool. Now sign a centre half.

Never mind this nonsense, look at his anagram potential !!

Corey Blackett-Taylor = ■■■■ Lottery Betrayal

Ganesh on a frigging bike !!
What do the French teams have on their shirts??

While I’m at it…

Aramide Oteh = Aim To Header
Cameron Norman = Crane Man Moron
Scott Laird = Drastic Lot (an old favourite)
Daniel Scarr = Clear Drains


A damning indictment of Ismail surely? Really bad signing and poor application by the player. He’s heading down and out of the leagues unless something significant happens.


His attitude is woeful after the initial bump. You can see why he has had so many clubs to be fair. He looks like our version of Ozil. Probably the most technically gifted player in the entire squad and will occasionally do something brilliant, but the rest of the time just trots around sulking.


Came Ron nor man
I win!

Well done, have a toffee.

My nephews tell me he will bang some goals in so welcome Corey.

Welcome Corey.

I’m surprised how far Zeli has fallen. Chatted to him a few times earlier in the season and seemed a nice bloke - no attitude at all. His whole demeanor on the pitch is just poor now though and agree he’ll probably fall down the leagues.

For me this represents a massive step forward for the club from this time last year. Yes, we missed out on our primary target, but it seems as though this
laf has been scouted and was probably our plan b if the Ward deal didn’t come off.

I’d much rather it be like that than it was a year ago, missing out on Jervis and then having to beg clubs to lend us ANYONE in the last few minutes of the window

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What position was he playing when we played Bury at home last season? Was he behind the front two? He looked class that day and Bury’s stand out player. But saying that we don’t play that system.

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