Coventry City (A) 16th Feb, 3pm


He comes from Bentley !


Despite only living 10 miles from the Ricoh, I only went today because my brother-in-law came up from Dorset and wanted to go. Personally, I don’t really want to watch this rubbish at the moment. If today’s game had been a boxing match then the referee would have stopped it - we we were so second best. The things I learned today were:

  1. We can’t play 4-4-2 with this squad. Coventry payed 4-3-3 with Hiwula and Thomas wide of Baka.

  2. We need Dobson back to support Kinsella and Edwards in midfield.

  3. Jon Guthrie is not the problem in defence. Scarr was okay but Fitzwater was woeful today.

  4. The loan players are offering nothing. Oteh was rubbish, his first touch was woeful and he was far too easily pushed off the ball. Laird is a slow, useless lump and Jarvis can’t cross with his left foot - so why he’s playing left wing defeats me. We need to play the players contracted to Walsall.

  5. Keates needs to go. This is the worst Walsall team I have seen for years - we are nailed on to go down if we carry on like this.

  6. We need to change formation and stick with it. I would go for 4-3-3
    Roberts - Devlin, Scarr, Guthrie, Leahy - Edwards, Kinsella, Dobson - Blackett-Taylor, Cook - Ferrier

  7. Keates is not up to it and as to go.

  8. Baka took his goal well and I don’t blame him for his celebration…but he’s still a ■■■■■■.


Haha well that would’ve been a good decision, sorry 16.49.


I knew what you meant, but the opportunity was too good to pass up!


That bad he needs to go twice ?


:grin: £10 car park £50 for me and mrs chunk and £10 at the kiosk :cry:


Thank god you didn’t have any petrol costs.


Decided not to give Coventry any of my money given the Wimbledon performance on Tuesday.
Downside is having to listen to that cretin Paul Franks on Radio Wolves Media.
Not for the first time, he squeezes Walsall air time down to a bare minimum at the end of the programme and decides to talk over the Walsall fan with his stupid half-arsed comments about “well run club” and defending Bonser.
We all know he only lives for the Wolves.
If the head of sport at Radio Wolves Media had any bottle he would get rid of the self centred prxxx.


Yes, emphasis on the “gotta gew”!


Isn’t the head of sport Mark Regan? He loves Bonser as much as Fwanksy.

That’s why it’s pointless getting WM involved in any protest movement. They are firmly of the opinion Walsall fans should be grateful for scrapping survival in league one every year.


He’s like a cross between Piers Morgan and Alan Partridge. He’s arrogant ,lazy, stupid and incompetent,but somehow gets away with it. To claim not to know something so basic about one of only five league teams in his area is either disgustingly dishonest, or shows him to be not fit for purpose. Any proper radio station would have got rid years ago, yet the joke that is WM puts him centre stage.


I heard this and was furious. So rude to shoot down the guy talking and defended Bonser - apparently he doesnt take money and runs the club well. Absolute joke, wont listen to that ■■■■ again if they are not going represent the views of the fans.


Forgot about that :worried:


I complained when Franksy was almost in tears after Wolves first game back in league one and they hardly mentioned Blues and us who were also playing. Got some reply back saying it was due to ‘listener demand’.


No comment.


I’m sure we got exactly what we deserved but how on earth is that not a foul in the build up to the second goal???


Three questions

  1. how is it that bakayoko could get worse? But he has got worse.

Other than the goal which my missus could have scored he was his old self absolute gash.

Non league in a couple of years until then robbing a living off cov like He did with us.

  1. why hasnt the government put an health warning against visiting Coventry?

  2. why is keates still here? Just been on radio wm moaning about players he inherited on rolling contracts but wouldnt he have known that when he joined - and yet he still took the money


It is Regan as Head of Sport I think.
Radio Wolves Media is a joke although Tom Marlow seems to be balanced.
Lobbying WM to tell them is probably a waste of time at our support level.
Franks just stinks.
At least if I stick to links with Joe Masi I can be hearing feedback from someone who genuinely cares for our club.


It was backa’s first goal since october


Is he really moaning about that? That’s desperate and sad. He has signed 18 or 19 players himself and yet still plays some of those already here because they’re actually better than what he’s brought in!! Wonderful player but he’s completely losing my respect as a manager if that’s the direction he’s going