Coventry City (A) 16th Feb, 3pm


Shut the ■■■■ up… knocked you out the cup and beat you at the Bescot in the league end of .


Exactly. That’s how ■■■■■ we are.
Bakayoko was able to score against us… with a header.


Spot on , 19 signings , 2 year plus deals handed out by KEATES himself to Norman (dropped) and Scarr who both look worse than the players they have replaced.

Andy Cook aside, surely there is no audacity for Keates to defend his transfer record?1


Moaning about players on contracts is the sign that he’s become desperate for an excuse for his own failings.

I would say he has been the most backed first season Walsall manager since Tommy Coakley.

He has spent actual transfer money on four players. Actual transfer money. Most of his predecessors thought that a concept that didn’t exist at Walsall FC.

We have a managerial squad of about a dozen and a playing squad of around thirty two.

He has signed nineteen players in total.

He has scape-goated long serving players, signed an old mate in what was the catalyst for a shocking demise and now hasn’t got a clue who should play, in what formation we should play and how we should play. The worry is that I actually think everyone is trying their hardest. Including the manager. They just are not collectively good enough.

Blaming his predecessor and the budget is last straw, desperate stuff.

I want him to stay though. Odd as it sounds. The club, the board have the manager it deserves and the team it deserves. The signing of Russell Martin was the start of a decline that has been on the cards since the Fox/Dann fiasco 11 years ago. The Pension Fund is around £4m better off in the time it has taken for that inevitable decline to actually happen.

This is the medicine the owner and board deserve to swallow and unfortunately the pain we as supporters now have to suffer in order to get the club back. Not sure where the decline will bottom out and not sure if it will be steep enough for the wholesale exorcism of everything and everyone that is rotten down there.

If this marks the start of the proper purge rather than simply a managerial merry-go-round then at some point we should start to feel a degree of cathartic relief rather than the gut-wrenching feeling of another Saturday and sweet FA.


So obviously you wasn’t in Coventry today ?


Yeah Martin was ■■■■■ but to still be blaming him is a bit ridiculous. Having seen his eventual replacement Dan Scarr a real bobby dazzler of a player maybe Keates just can’t spot a good defender.


I can’t believe that anybody in their right mind can defend what Dean Keates has done over the last 3 months.
It’s 100% clear that the players are sick of him aswell.
Unless we gamble on a new manager to try to somehow salvage something from this mess we are relegated.
His interview on WM was quite frankly embarrassing. Trying to blame the previous regime for where we are now. You , yes you Dean have signed 17 players. 95% of those signings are worse than what we already had.


Nothing much to say. Just embarrassed to be a Walsall fan right now. I don’t particularly blame Keates, I never thought he should’ve been appointed in the first place, it was clearly just an attempt to placate fans - completely the wrong reasons for an appointment. He’s clearly not up to the job, as I’ve been saying for months - it’s not personnel, it’s clear they have no organisation, they aren’t being trained properly, they have no idea how to do their job, we are weak in so many areas it’s actually comical.

Where do we go from here? Who knows. If Bonser ■■■■■■■ off comes out of this rotten spell, then it will be worth it. If us going below 3000 fans, and in to obscurity is what it takes for Bonser’s “well run club” “club transformed” nonsense to be finally laid to rest, then so be it.

If Keates is still in position next week, I would suggest some kind of crowd-sourced symbolic gesture by the fans, inside the ground. A banner about “pride in the club” or not being fit to wear the shirt etc… doesn’t matter what it is, but it needs to be punchy, nasty and be a catalyst. If those players need to be shamed in to performing, then so be it.


Well said PT.I was there today,spent £100 plus with daughter and two grandchildren.Will not be making the same mistake again.That side as set up would struggle in the conference.DK has put that side together and should go.A new experienced manager might just decide on the eleven players who if properly organised and motivated could make us competitive.Today was a stroll for Cov and if it was not for Roberts we would have got the stuffing we deserved.


Couldn’t agree more


Glad tou and your mrs had a nice day pal. PUSB


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Keates needs to man up and take responsibility for his ■■■■ management of the team . I think the biggest problem is that they have lost any respect they had for him at the start of the season .


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