Coventry City (A) 16th Feb, 3pm


■■■■ me.

This shower of ■■■■ is turning into a monsoon.


dont Make me laugh we’ve watched the hopeless prat for years just look at the goal scored charts not fit to clean cooks boots

Not sure about Walsall I live in Sutton Coldfield

You lot are the worst happy clappers I’ve seen you must be starved of success to think that shower are any good

Any way shouldn’t be cruel to the homeless- when are you getting kicked out by the rugby club…


Here lies a problem for me, even if the players haven’t been told who is leaving, I’m sure it’s fairly obvious to them. Why should they care?


If you can’t take it don’t give it.

He’s entitled to celebrate especially given the circumstances.

In fact I’m sick of this so called “respect” players should have for their previous clubs. I think not celebrating is more disrespectful to the club they’re currently playing for to be honest.

Suck it up. That goes for anyone annoyed by the celebration.


I think Charlie Austin said something before about scoring past ex-teams. As a striker it’s your job to score goals, if you can’t celebrate them, where’s the enjoyment?

He’s not the first player to give it back to us, and he won’t be the last.


I’m probably more old school

It might help if I thought they were any good

It just looks moronic when they are rubbish

Anybody can score against our defence


If they play well at league 1 level, more chance of them being picked up by another league 1 club.

Otherwise back to the Scottish highlands they go…


Depends for me.

If a player has had a great time at a club and served them for 5-6 years then I can understand why they wouldn’t want to celebrate a huge amount. Didn’t play as long but I’d expect Bradshaw to celebrate moderately if he comes up against Walsall in the future.

Baka a little different, got plenty of stick playing from the crowd so fully expected that sort of celebration. Grigg did it so not sure what the shock is.


Baka can celebrate all he likes. Look at his record, he’s ■■■■. Proper dog ■■■■ rubbish and even if we go down im delighted he’s gone.

Coventry can gloat all they like. When you pay actual money for Baka your argument is immediately lost.


Too right, he’s ■■■■■ but every dog has its day


Oh dear…


As a player Dean I’ll always love you.

As a manager just ■■■■ off.


As seen on Quest


Having seen them does Scarr know how to defend, I’ve seen him in both Home games and have been far from impressed. Whether the 2nd is a foul on fitzwater which is hard to tell what the hell is Scarr doing as Hiwula goes into the box


If all you knew of Scarr’s defending were that video you would not give him a two and a half year contract.

If all you knew of Scarr’s defending were the highlights of the Blackpool game you would want him out of the club immediately.

But perhaps apart from not being very good at defending he has other attributes.


Watching those highlights was depressing. We look completely shot. No one got a tackle in (even fitzwater as that wasnt a tackle!) and we looked scared all over the pitch :sleepy:


That was worse than Tuesday, when Tuesday had to be rock bottom, and we are still getting worse.

No disrespect to Coventry, but they are a slightly below average L1 side and should be embarrassed to have only won by 3 yesterday. That’s how bad it was.

Doesn’t matter what team Dean picks, he can’t motivate, organise or drill them. His expectations are unrealistic, his radio interview said it all. “We’ve had meetings and presentations and the players aren’t doing what I’ve told them”. Meetings and presentations? If he’s not learned by now that players from non-league backgrounds don’t improve via PowerPoint he’ll never make a decent manager.

My only hope if these years of turgid football trigger a chain of events for change. From top to bottom we need, and deserve, better.


Walsall Supporters for Change is very important top to bottom.
Have to get rid of the Rent Man.


A heavy defeat in a local derby with two former players scoring (including one that was recently slated out of the club) and a former ‘striker’ in the dugout who was universally disliked when he was here.

There can’t have been many worse days as a Walsall fan in recent times and my heart goes out to anyone that made the trip.

A day thoroughly indicative of the real mess we find ourselves in - a mess that happens when you install a manager purely to appease a fanbase with absolutely no other reason than to shift a few tickets.



As I posted yesterday, if I had been him I would have been showing our fans my bare arse.