Coventry City (A) 16th Feb, 3pm


Are you sure he aimed the abuse at you @Saddlertd ? i just thought he was aiming it at all the fans in general.


Killer - I agree completely with your assessment. We were doing okay till they scored but when they did, we never looked like getting back into the game. I liked Coventry’s formation: 4-2-3-1. I think we should try it: Roberts - Devlin, Scarr, Guthrie, Leahy - Kinsella, Edwards - Blackett-Taylor, Dobson, Ferrier - Cook.


Chunk - I wasn’t being literal. I was just making a point that not all Walsall fans deserved Bakayoko’s reaction, especially given the situation we now find ourselves in.


Oh right sorry :wink: judging by his performances for them since his transfer i think his days as a league player are numbered. so let him have his glory for now because it will be short lived.


He might be better off reverting to centre half cuz he will never be more than a league 2 centre forward.98 games 17 goals not even 1 in 5.and no better at Coventry.


I gave Baka plenty of stick while he was here as he was an absolute fairy, bullied by the weakest of defenders, and I gave him stick yesterday too especially during his celebration although I don’t blame him for doing it. I’d do exactly the same. It’s just part and parcel of football, ■■■■ players get stick, ■■■■ ex players get stick, ex player who gets stick celebrates infront of former clubs fans. No drama.


Im ok with baka giving some back, thats the nature of the game. But if he thinks a single goal in a game we’d have lost anyway somehow vindicates him, hes mistaken. As others have said, his record is poor and id sell him again tomorrow.


Bloke deserved every ounce of stick he got , absolutely pathetic player in a Walsall shirt . He also seems equally as pathetic at Coventry.

And if your over the age of 10 and find his celebration insulting , give your head a wobble!


Personally I have more respect for a player if he gives it loads back if the opportunity presents itself. Part and parcel…


It was just perfect timing, scoring right by the Walsall fans. I doubt he’d have done an Adebayor length run of the pitch if he’d scored at the empty other end.

When you look at it Will Grigg also does the hands to ears celebration whenever he scores v Walsall (probably waiting for the game in March to break his Sunderland duck) and to me he didn’t get half the stick Baka got.


I’ve waited till Monday to calm down. However…

Keates should be sacked today for this performance alone.
Notwithstanding 13 out of the last 63.

He has signed 19 players, I’m told.
It bears disturbing similarities to Merson, including the delusion.
It was a perfectably reasonable appointment by the board, even if the timing was questionable.
However, this has got to stop before it’s too late.
It’s gone beyond not working out, it is embarrassing.

Jeff is quite happy for protests to be deflected by such a lack of acknowledgement of ineptitude.
What he doesn’t appreciate is that this is endemic and starts from the top.
I struggle to see who could manage this club now.

By Saturday, we could be next to bottom in front of our largest crowd of the season.
There’s no sign of us getting out of it.
And don’t forget in that Merson season we were 6th early on too.


The only amusing thing about this game was Bakayoko’s celebration. It should be applauded he’s boiled some right ■■■■.

We are ■■■■, we are playing worse than ■■■■■. Relegation finally looms. Might as well look forward to League Two.


The video posted on Twitter by the excellent @saddlersstats speaks for itself.

I don’t know how to get videos to work on this site but clicking this link takes you the post,


Christ Laird there. Looks like a fat kid running down the stairs trying to track back.


That truly is dreadful. God knows what league it is suited to.


If there was ever evidence that the ‘football philosophy’ was abandoned…


Rugby League.


I don’t think Hull FC or Hull KR would be too happy with that either.
Obviously any prospective new manager seeing that would obviously be raring to go, take on the challenge and get it sorted! It really is shocking though,


That is embarrassing!


And when the critical pass was made to the Coventry player who was fouled to draw the penalty, there is even the schoolboy tactic of the Walsall defender who raised his arms to appeal for offside! Do they not remember the basic instruction “play the whistle”???