Coventry City (A) 16th Feb, 3pm


■■■■ me pal are you being serious? More chance of platting ■■■■ than Sam Allardyce coming to us


Certainly going forward we should be a threat, although obviously at the back it’s a case of close your eyes and hope for the best.


That’s what still gives me a glimmer of hope, we can score (not so much lately) but if we could get the defence sorted we should be able to scrape together some results.


Its a bit like have 2 minor procedures for ingrowing toenails when in reality the patient is riddled from head to foot with a cancer named Jeff


Are you actually there ?
I know I am not so I don’t cast an opinion but you gob off when not actually in attendance.
If you are fair play and I appriciate your opinion.


Walsall substitution, 58 minutes … Corey Taylor replaces Aramide Oteh


I’ll gob off however and whenever I chose.


Barnsley 2 Wycombe Wanderers 0


Roberts keeping the score down according to Masi…was it a good idea to drop Guthrie I wonder. I wouldn’t have done so…he is our best defender!!!


Agree 100%. BTW: is Liam Roberts good enough? You bet he is! It would be 6-0 but for him. We are so bad!


Liam Roberts, absolutely outstanding.

Laird and Scarr on the other hand have been dreadful. Not the first time for Scarr, he really is ■■■■.


Attendance today 10,646


Bonser Out chants apparently.


This is the problem with fans blaming individuals for our problems…if you just replace Guthrie, we’ll be fine etc. The truth is, as intelligent fans know, defending is a team matter and replacing individuals isn’t the answer, setting up properly as a team is the issue. Like you, I don’t think Guthrie is the worst defender in the division.


Guthrie is a disgrace. Totally inept and can’t pass. Crap. They’re all crap.


Go and have a look at our defence record this pass two years with Guthrie - and then go and look at Crewe’s record the year they went down.


Dont worry - Smith will be back next week


Re. Guthrie.

Speaks volumes, that. Guthrie is hands-down the worst “senior” defender (I’m thinking Butler, Viveash, Tillson etc., leader of the back four types) I’ve seen at WFC in 25 years.

Matt Preston would own this current crop.


This is dire. I sympathise with fans of national teams such as San Marino and Andorra now.


Agreed SHROPS we may disagree on some things but the team set up is not right. A good Manager would soon sort it…if we find one we can still stay up.