Coventry City (H) Dec 8th, 3pm


Great result. We’ve been on the receiving end of so many late goals this season, it’s blooody great for the boot to be on the other foot for once - it’s a bonus that it’s against a “big” team Ha! Ha!


It was a proper pitch invasion though for a winner, not an equaliser :wink:


Agree about the pitch invasion, it isn’t nice BUT they had done it a few games ago against us, and from what i believe it was done more as a pish take


Any footage?



Let’s enjoy the result as there have been games we’ve deserved to win but haven’t. However don’t let the result paper over the cracks.
Once again in the 1st half we weren’t at the races.
I’m really concerned about Martin. He was dreadful in midfield and not much better when he moved to the back. The substitution was wrong. Fitzwater should have stayed on and Martin gone off. It appears Dean will play Martin no matter what. For me, Fitz provides more pace and commitment and is the better option. Martin may provide experience and organisation but he could have cost us at least 3 goals today. Keates needs to be brave and leave his mate out for a couple of weeks.

As for the rest, Roberts earned us the points by keeping us in the game. Cook worked hard. Ismail and Ginnelly are musts for me because they provide width, stretch the opposition, and make their full backs defend. Kinsella plays more like Keates every game.

Leahy and Devlin are better with wingers to support them. Leahy was torn apart by Thomas at times but he stuck to his job and was ultimately the hero. I love Devlin’s passion.

Not convinced by either Ferrier or Gordon.


I hate all pitch invasions but at least ours was for a winner in the last minute, snatching a win from the jaws of defeat.


A fantastic save by Roberts and then a great ball into the box from him in these highlights.

Version for overseas fans (downloadable)


Attendance: 5,926 (including @Welsh_Saddler and @matt_saddlesore, if they made it from the pub.)


Good post …I agree entirely about Martin. In my post earlier I said that we won despite the Manager. As well the original team selection the taking off of Fitzwater was very strange. I had just said to my mate how well he was playing and he disappeared. Martin then proceeded to give Coventry 2 really good chances…it will be interesting to see what happens on Tuesday when Fitz. won’t able to play. Mind you after last week Johnson should come into the reckoning.


I was amazed at the decision end of the first half when Cooke was clean through - why would he go down ?
If its a foul then its a sending off - I cant help feeling the ref bottled it & thats why he gave the softer one at the end.

There is a good view of it here at around 3:30…

Does he fall over his feet or is he tripped ?


Faux ‘derby game’ aside - it’s a last minute mid-season league winner against a team we play regularly, beat at home a few weeks ago and who, despite being in the division below us last year, still seem to think playing them is our cup final.

Maybe I’m just getting grumpy in my old age?!


Worra bloody win!

First half, I thought they bossed it, and peno aside, we did nothing and the goal from their spritely blond player was deserved as he looked about three times quicker to the ball than anyone else.

Second half, we began to get a grip and had some decent chances.

The keeper made an outstanding save and that seemed to be that. However, we looked to be running through at will by that time, and I just got the sense that something was going to happen.

Excellent Jonny Brain impersonation by their keeper and then it was on. I love that roar from our end when we’ve got the bit between our teeth, I don’t know if it contributed to the penalty.

The peno was class, as were the celebrations. Eat that, you rent dodging bloomers. The only reason I wasn’t on the pitch is that I couldn’t have got down quick enough.

Great win!


Is it different rules as in premier league cut off point for 5 yellows is end of December. Didn’t play anyway.

Was “elsewhere” yesterday so was just following the match on Bet365. To win that in the end was incredible and is boost to the season the club needs (in fairness I don’t think the performances have been that bad in recent weeks) so hopefully a few more wins in next 3-4 weeks with likes of Bradford and Bristol Rovers on the fixture list.

Not sure if 3 at the back will work as seemed Coventry missed loads of chances at 1-0 up going by match reports. I saw that one-on-one their striker missed in the second half and that was a proper sitter.


Main things noticeable listening to commentary (once it started) about the first half was that 3 at the back wasn’t working & that Osbourne was having a shocker.
Glad commentary did not pack up for tremendous last 5 minutes!


If ever a game proved that you don’t leave until the final whistle has gone that was it yesterday!
What an end to a dismal game. First half we wern’t at the races. Their winger Thomas, had Leahy on toast and no one could get near him. Thank goodness he’s back off to Derby in Jan. Second half improved but we couldn’t get a breakthrough. The whole game started for us after the 90 mins were up. What a finish!
Loved being a saddler today.


We know some Coventry supporters who were level with the Cook foul and said definite foul and red card.


What was strange about the Fitzwater sub? We were chasing the game so brought Zeli on for him. Not strange at all.

Giving Keates no credit for this win is ridiculous.


The issue is not the substitution but that Martin should have been brought off not Fitz.


Meh I don’t think it really mattered to be honest and clearly worked.