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Coventry City (H) Dec 8th, 3pm


Fitzwater hasn’t been in the team and was injured at Shrewsbury, makes sense that he made way.


But it nearly didn’t. Martin made two key errors which could have led to goals . Were you there?
Incidentally to those on about 3 at the back we didn’t play that. Martin was in midfield with Osbourne and that mean’t we had little energy except for Kinsella. That is one of the reasons as I explained earlier that Coventry bossed the midfield in the first half. The other was that the front 3 were spread and detached from the rest of the team. To be fair DK remedied that at half time by going with the diamond.Anyway on to the next game . A win at Sunderland anyone?


Yep I was there. It nearly didn’t? What kind of criticism is that?


Fair criticism since Fitzwater was playing well but Martin wasn’t. Its as simple as that.


But we won? :face_with_monocle:


But it worked because we won the game? Criticism for the sake of it.


Unfair criticism because it worked. Simple as that. I agree Fitzwater was playing better but we have no idea about fitness levels or tactics. We have no idea that had Fitzwater stayed on he’d have dropped a clanger himself!

This is a crazy debate.


Interesting, didn’t know Martin was stationed in central midfield.

A midfield trio of Martin, Ozzy and Kinsella, not sure which one of those can break into the box regularly. Can understand that sort of midfield for Sunderland away in the week but not sure it’s the way forward for home games despite the win.


It was almost a back 3. He seemed to be playing 5yards in front of fitz and Guthrie …Had high hopes for Martin when he signed but not sure he improves the team to much . And on another day his mistakes on Saturday would have been punished severely. He got away with it Saturday. Hope he improves and it’s just a fitness issue . UTS


It was a poor game but to get the win in stoppage time was immense credit to Luke leahy for the goals he has improved so much under deano imo and its a another point to safety In deano we trust !!!


Apologies for the delay in reporting (it was a long day for this geriatric!) … can’t add much to the thoughts of others that were there - we were atrocious in the 1st half, and transformed completely after half-time. How much of that was due to Dean Keates’ instructions and how much to Mark Robins’ tactical message is open to debate. Despite our 2nd half improvement it still looked as though it was going to be one of those games where we would never score if it went on all night. With 5 minutes to go Liam Roberts was named as man-of-the-match, a very understandable and totally deserved decision based on 85 minutes’ play. He then proceeded to add an “assist” to his record by lumping a huge long ball to the edge of Coventry City’s penalty area, where captain Leahy headed over keeper Burge who was stranded in no man’s land. At that stage we were all feeling very happy that we appeared to have got a point from a game where we didn’t honestly deserve one. Then a couple of minutes later, deep in to time added on, the foul on Devlin brought the penalty award and the chance for Leahy to double his tally. Deep joy.

Question … as there has been some debate on the technical abilities of our full-backs, it’s perhaps worth pointing out that Leahy and Devlin were responsible for our two goals. I accept that they are “wing-backs”, but it has to be said that neither of them had any real business being that far forward. (More power to their elbows for being there though!!).

Downsides … it has to be said that for all Leahy’s perseverance and attitude, the Coventry City winger Luke Thomas had a pretty easy time of it, specially in the 1st half. He scored from a completely unmarked position, and on quite a few occasions he breezed past Leahy as though he wasn’t there. There’s also a question mark in my mind about Isaiah Osbourne, who didn’t bring a lot to the team as a whole, and blazed a golden chance over the bar from about 6 yards. Andy Cook worked hard but tired visibly as the game went on, and certainly wasn’t leaping like a salmon in the latter stages. Our passing improved as the game went on, but so often it seemed that we picked out a Blue shirt to pass to with unerring accuracy.

But (as the saying goes) all’s well that ends well … :grin:



Wasn’t there but I literally stood and cheered in the middle of a pub in Norway when the two late goals came in. Got some strange looks.

Watched the highlights. After CCFC’s goal, does the guy run down the stand and spit at him!?


Yes, the guy should be careful, it was quite obvious onscreen.
Such acts by supporters not encouraged by the F.A. Nor any decent minded supporter either!


And the Chelsea supporters shouting abuse at stirling, it’s appalling to think such neanderthal actions are still being witnessed at modern day football grounds, but it just goes to show we are not the only club in the league with such morons.


Surely the guy should be getting a ban for that. So obvious and captured on HD.



This is really good, especially the coverage of injury time


How can anyone go to a football match and record most of it? Put the camera down and enjoy the moment! If I’d have held a camera (phone) when that second went in it would have ended up on the M6. It just withdraws you from really enjoying the moment.


Worth watching to hear the pronunciation of Bakayoko (8 secs in). Bostin ay it?


Not only that, but why keep pointing the bloody camera at the crowd and missing FOOTY!
Good effort, though :wink: