Coventry City (H) F.A.Cup 1st round, 10th Nov 3pm


I cant remember a proper competitive match where we have been outnumbered at home. Also on a slightly dodgy note, nobody ever took the street end, although many tried, including Portsmouth, Chelsea, Forest, Vale etc. We actually had a chant back in the 70’s “you’ll never take the street end”.
There would have been 12000-15000 there tomorrow back in those days, and their 3000 would have been understanding in no uncertain terms who Walsall the home team were.


" you will never take the tile choice" just hasn’t got the same ring to it :wink:


Or even, " you’ll never get the rent back " now that has more of ring to it!!


The vile swamped the st end the season we won three nil Geordie ,sheer numbers our lot held there own in the cowshed that day. Personally I got batterd in park st after game but wore the bruises with pride at school on the Monday lol.


Liverpool in 68 completely swamped the street end by sheer weight of force and numbers Geordie.

I remember even Coxy had to give way in the end.


Both before my time!
I think Chelsea came the closest in my era, sneakily slashing people’s faces with stanley knives to create panic.

Anyway hope those that go get behind the team and we get things turned round. Its my busy time of the year at work so I can’t make it. Toddle down the Toon with the boy this afternoon if I can get finished on time, I doub’t Bournemouth will be taking the Gallowgate :no_mouth:


I was in the street end when it happened, a mate from work (who was a chelsea fan) got his face slashed, i remember us bundling a chelsea fan over the wall at the front after he had been kicked and punched several times.

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Glad to see we are fielding a full strength team.


is ferrier injured?


1-0 cook


BBC saying on my phone that Cookie has scored 12 minutes, anyone confirm that?




Get in there Andy Cook!


I’m listening on the Beeb.


Feeling a bit Victor Meldrew after this bit of news, lets hope it boots the teams confidence a bit!


Listening to Sabaton, the Swedish power metal band. :grinning:




Slightly off topic, it looks as if Exeter might find it tough if they get promoted to the 3rd Division, already three nil down at home to Blackpool!
And we’ve just scored again!!! Ginnelly get in there lad!
Bet the Coventry City mob are finding this a bit embarrassing!! hahaha.


‘Sky Blues trailing 1-0 but dominating the play.’ BBC Coventry.

Then 2-0… :grin: