Coventry City (H) F.A.Cup 1st round, 10th Nov 3pm


Imagine invading the pitch because you drew level to Walsall :joy: Absolute ■■■■ club from top to bottom.


Great win, fully deserved for a fully committed performance. Put that tinpot club and scummy fans in there place. No better person to score the winner on a day like today than Devlin. Condolences to little Teddies family


Had great fun listening to BBC Cov and Warks on the way home. The presenter mentioned 6-7 times that they had more fans in the ground than us, talked as if it was a giant killing, and even seemed to suggest the pitch invasion was our fault because the stands are so close to the playing area…

The highlight was a truly dour interview with Mark ‘Bobbins’ Robins, however.


A performance for teddie gone to soon, rest in peace mate :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Pathetic wasn’t it? You’d think they’d scored a last minute winner against Man City. Clearly felt it was a big occasion for them, which made the winner all the sweeter.

Yam yam.


That was one of the best games I’ve seen at the Banks’s for some time. We were very good: we played some great football and showed a lot of heart. Cook deservedly won the man of the match award - he gave the complete centre-forward performance, winning headers, holding the ball up, bringing other players into the game and scoring. Ismail also had a good game, as did Dobson and Devlin - what a great finish for his goal. Coventry look a decent side and they played some good stuff… but their fans are a-holes. I’m so glad we beat the rent-dodgers. A good day: an excellent win, a decent gate and in the 2nd round.



“Proud to be a Yam Yam” - born and bred in Walsall.


Thanks for posting that…Devlin’s goal looks even better than it did at the match!!


Yes, 6 more wins and we are at Wembley.


Can’t believe the amount of comments here considering everyone was boycotting it :joy::joy::joy:


Who was boycotting it?


Apparently everyone who can’t afford three home games in a week.


Not as good as Kevlar’s.


Who was boycotting this? And why?


Opposition view.


The thing is this,over the past 10-15yrs,the “big” clubs have decided that the FA cup (apart from the final) is totally irrelevant,and have chosen their starting line-ups accordingly.The magic of the FA cup when I was a kid,(and older) was all consuming. I can still remember standing round a radio at work listening to the 1st round draw…it was usually a non league team like St Neots,but even that was exciting.Obviously the big one was the 3rd round draw,will it be Man utd,Spurs or a local team like Villa,Albion,wolves….these days its a case of, oh its Man utd at home,bet they’ll send their reserves.The magic has gone for ever for me…thanks for that,premier league clubs.


I think that explains the lower attendances but I don’t think lower attanances are necassarily a result of a boycott.

I agree by the way about the magic. I didn’t go yesterday and yet will be at the league game in a few weeks. Thirty/forty years ago i would have done both but had I needed to choose, as Geordie alludes to, it would have been the Cup game.

As you say, the magic has rubbed off somewhat. But Southport away (selfishly) then Villa at home in the next two rounds would see a bit of that magic returning.


To be fair I did see a load of people, especially on Facebook, announce they were boycotting games now. Apparently being 11th in the table and 3 points off the play offs was too much for some people to handle.


Great to get one over Coventry City in what was clearly their cup final and many thanks to the morons who invaded the pitch as it gave us the impetus we needed to beat them.
The league game in a few weeks will be interesting…