Covid testing

Am I correct in thinking that one of the reasons the season didn’t restart again in leagues 1 and 2 was due to the costs involved with testing the players each week? If fans aren’t allowed in stadiums until October (if at all) how will the testing be funded then as I presume it will still need to be done. Also will the away team have to enter from a different part of the ground and use different changing facilities from normal?

Yes you are right. Part of the reason was prohibitive testing costs.

Which is why I think planning 20/21 was foolhardy. No match day revenue, a pittance from the telly money and hugely reduced other revenue streams means that lower league football is currently unsustainable and for me, should be moth-balled like the theatres until people can watch again. Which is the whole point of the thing anyway.

By moth balling the clubs get certainty and can plan. Very sad but the alternative twilight we have now is unsustainable for any period.

If people can attend, it might be that from January we could have a 23 game season. Everyone plays each other once. But I fear in January we will be in a winter wave and not let out let alone allowed to go to the match.


I’m not an expert, but that winter wave will come every year now, possibly for the rest of our lives.

I totally agree with your point though. There really isn’t any point without fans.

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This …

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