Craig Shakespeare

Has joined the Villa as assistant Head coach to Dean Smith.
They are the saddlers old boys!
Reports claim John Terry is staying and Shakey is an addition.

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Makes sense as shakey has an absolute barrel of premier league coaching experience which is desperately short amongst Smiths current gang.

May mean Shakeys old teammate, Richard O’Kelly being sidelined a tad.


That would appear to be a shrewd move.

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They just need David Kelly now to teach them how to score.

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RoK is 63.

So Deano, O’Kelly, Cutler and now Shakey… Whitney next :joy:

Think what we could have done if Boner hadn’t have been such a tight arsed, greedy bastard.

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With that management team, surely the Villa can send us a few decent under-23 players on loan this season!

Even better - buy Rico from Brentford for a massive fee (that we’ll get a cut of), then send him to us on loan for the season. :rofl:


This is what I’ve never understood, surely they would support us in that sense?

Local - all ex Walsall - we are known to aid development.

So, why don’t they?

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Andy - I’m with you on the first bit but I think the second bit might break our salary cap! :wink: Anyway, we’ve got Nursey to cure our left-sided problem.

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Rumour is Terry is going to Bournemouth.

Terry will go - was only there for name only.

Best thing that could happen for Villa is Terry goes and Shakey comes in.


Think Terry will move on to be a manager very soon.

No chance O’Kelly will move on as he knows this is as good as it’s ever going to get in life for him. He last managed in Hereford in 2012 and they went to non league that year so best to stick to what you know best and indeed DS does trust him given he went to Brentford with him.

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Like this guy?

Toner was s*** though, no argument there.

I’d imagine likes of Doyle-Hayes, Calum O’Hare and Harry McKirdy were all offered to Walsall at some stage in last 2-3 years seeing as they all went on loan in league 2 teams but for whatever reason decided they weren’t needed at the time.

You look to when Ronan was loaned in and there was no plan actually how to get him in the team.

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Craig Shakespeare like Dean Smith, a life long Villa fan.

It’s great that DC has a good relationship with Bristol City, forming another with one of the three, local Premier clubs would not hurt his career.
They would have masses of young talent at their disposal, they could also assist us with the wage bill.
Just a thought DC.