Crazy division

A quick look at the form table for League Two and, of the teams in the top 7, some of the records over the last 5 games are as follows;

Forest Green - 5 points
Northampton - 6 points
Tranmere - 4 points
Sutton - 6 points
Newport - 6 points

It really is a crazy league and, if only we’d been within touching distance, one decent run can see a team go from mid table to challenging for play offs or even automatic promotion.

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It was Mansfield’s turn for one those runs up the table a month or so ago and now Bristol Rovers seem to be in the middle of one, from being somewhere around us when beating us with 10 men only 5 weeks ago!

Having not really looked at the top half of the table much this season :cry: I’ve only just noticed that Bristol Rovers are now only 2 pts off the play offs and that Port Vale (who were in the automatic places not so long ago) are now down to 10th.

Crazy indeed.


And yet Port Vale are unbeaten in 5!

This is my excuse for being rubbish in the Prediction League…it’s not my fault, it’s the clubs!! :smiley:


I second that!

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I third this.

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And I fourth it … :crazy_face:

Excuses, excuses!!:wink:

Thats the problem for me every season.

You know what makes it crazier…

Miller is 5th in the scoring charts - 18 game goalless run - still 5th.


Now that is crazy

Wilkinson is on 7 so would expect him to get over 10 too before the end of the season. When was the last time we had 2 players in double figures? If we can sign Miller permanently (and keep Flynn and Tomlin), how many could they get get between them playing as a 2 for the whole of next season?

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It’s the same pretty much every season down in this division.
It’s why many on here have continuously said we just need to be consistent and get the basics right and it shouldn’t be hard to get promoted.

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Wow. I knew it was a crap league but that stat brings the fact into very sharp focus.


Exeter are playing Mansfield tonight might watch that should be decent.

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