Crewe v Crawley

Thought I’d start a thread about this so people can discuss the build up to the big game as well as the match itself for what is the highlight of the league 2 season.

Tough one to call. Crawley seem to have the momentum and the large Wembley pitch will favour their attractive possession based style, but Crewe are the wrong team to underestimate, having come back from seemingly impossible positions many times this season.

From a selfish perspective I’d prefer Crawley to go up as it’s a bit of nightmare away trip, whereas Crewe is essentially as easy to get to as a home game. I think Crawley will edge it 3-2 in a swings and roundabouts game that will be talked about for a long time to come.

Post your views below!

Hope Crawley go up. Crewe is a crackihg away day on the choo choo

Was just thinking this, I’d prefer Crawley to go up too just for this reason.

Still can’t believe it’s those two in the final though, had hoped MK would go up so we get rid of one of the ‘better sides’ as I didn’t expect Crawley or Crewe to do as well again next season, and no guarantees that Doncaster wouldn’t revert to first half of the season form rather than second half of the season form, but here we are. Looking forward to watching it.


I can’t see anything other than a Crawley win today. Scott Lyndsey should of been League 2 manager of the season in my opinion

You’ve gone a bit KingCrod there mate :rofl: Only need to advise both sets of fans when to make their way to their allocated seats and it’ll be complete :wink:


Crawley also for me, for the same reasons. Crewe is a good away day which is easy to get to.
Should be a good open game.

Good connecting flights form Spain into Crewe then? :flight_arrival:


Just a small adjustment above tinned… and of course, dont forget the spectacular traveling gates :crazy_face:

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Two reasons for wanting Crewe to lose.

As many have mentioned, going to Crewe is far better than going to Crawley.

The more times Crewe suffers playoff heartbreak the better, 5-1 would be fitting.


Absolutely! Memories of getting soaked in that away end on that day still too fresh in the memory unfortunately.


It is - so disappointing after going up there and beating them a week or so earlier. Those of us who were there still bear the scars!


I hope it’s Crawley that go up because Crewe is easier for travelling to plus there’s a decent chip shop near the ground.

My son would be gutted if Crewe went up, it’s his favourite away game .

Although I did say I could happily miss it for one year of we both in league one the season after.

Crewe twitter feed yesterday was urging fans to get there tickets as they had sold nearly 12000 of there 38000 allocation
I hope for there sake there is a late rush or it could be a bit of an embarrassment :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Do they do direct flights from Gibraltar and Malaga now? :grin: :wink:

Yow lot :joy:

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Can they both lose? Crewe and their inbred supporters or the plastic arseholes from the South. At least mongs lost in the semis

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I wish we’d have only sold 12k for the JPT final, might have seen more Walsall fans than Villa/Wolves/WBA then…


I was thinking the other day that this might be pushing the all time low attendance for the Div 4 final

Good job Salford are not playing in it :grin:

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