Criticisms of the match day management disappeared?


It appears that the club hold sway here or somebody is overly sensitive to any criticism of any kind leveled at the club.
Two conversations on here have disappeared, one about the poor catering organisation and one about the poor crowd management…

How odd.

Carry on. What an strange club Walsall FC is.


Probably not disappeared … look in the newly-established category “Chips in the lower” and you should find what you’re looking for.

Nothing odd here :wink:


Hi @AngrySaddler, these threads haven’t been deleted, just moved to a new section dedicated to discussing such concerns and trying to make the club aware of them.

You’ll find the threads here.

Apologies for any confusion,


…and the Americans did land on the moon while we’re at it.


At least you live up to the name :joy:


I’m confused.


That should be fixed HK.