Current form

Could be a lot worse

I’m far from Clarke’s biggest fan but looking at that table I guess we should be more than happy , if only we can remain consistent who knows where we could end up

I think if you had asked people in the summer if we were 2 points off the play offs, and 5 points off the top 3 at the half way point, they’d have snapped your hands off.

I personally think we might be a little short, but Rory coming back in Feb might be a game changer.

I think we are a ‘nearly’ team at the moment. In any normal season, I think an experienced midfielder and striker brought in to push over the line might be the difference. I just think we might not just have enough. I hope I’m wrong.


Agree with that

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I think it’s DC’s weird changes/formations/injury updates and self-indulgent ramblings that are deflecting any positivity from fans towards him.
Walsall fans have never been scared to voice their opinion and DC has divided us. One game you think he has cracked it and in the next we fall back to bad ways.
Less talking, less messing and more winning please DC.


We’re difficult to beat but not difficult to score against. Tighten up at the back and we have a chance.


1.7 points per game over the final 21 games will see us on 70/71 points. Not quite enough. I think we will need about 75 to make 7th, so still need to improve on that form slightly and the form over the whole season quite considerably. In other words, we need 40 points from 21 games where we’ve picked up 35 points from the first 25. Doable but we’ve got to improve a lot.


Tall order if Eli goes which is looking likely , unless we have a replacement lined up .:crossed_fingers:


I think the selection of White over Norman is symptomatic of Darrell’s dilemma.

We’ve more or less stopped conceding from corners and wide free kicks into the box. I believe that is because our back four could all be centre halves so we have a better chance of mitigating aerial threat.

But in plugging part of the leak we have less threat going forward not least from Norman’s big bungs. Based upon yesterday’s showing a Norman/Wright combo on that right side would give us some real threat. You just leave us that bit more vulnerable from dead balls into the box.

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Yes we definitely carry more of a forward threat with Norman in the team , I suppose this is where manager earns his corn

Shame we’ve got Mansfield up next!

Classic Walsall though , lose the leading goalscorer and then beat the league’s form team

The only problem with that stat is that every team above us, bar Cambridge who are top, have 1, 2, 3 or even 4 games in hand on us so that points gap could and would look very different after everyone have played the same amount of games.

It’s a current form table