Curtail season NOW

If these new measures are going to be for 6 MONTHS the EFL MUST curtail the season now, clubs will not be able to sustain all the outgoings it will occur i.e keeping training ground open, electric bills for midweek night games, BONSERS rent, and everything in between, Its just not feasible, without fans being able to return, it’s a disaster waiting to happen for all small clubs, how many clubs are going to go bust or deducted points on the fact they won’t be able to pay staff.
The premier league could offer League one clubs £3.5 million each, and League two clubs £2 million each just for running costs, so as clubs don’t go bust and keep the integrity of the league, the premier could surely afford to help out. The Championship does at least get sky money, so that should help those clubs.

another issue is will fans be happy paying 250-350 quid to watch games on ifollow? a lot will be understanding but some will not its a lot of money to some.


I think they should ■■■■ ifollow off and get something a bit more professional in place, or at least a company that gives a ■■■■ about the quality and service they are supplying to thousands of fans. They have carte blanche to do what they want because at the moment there IS nothing else???

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