D 1-1 (L 2-4 pens) vs Forest Green Rovers (H) - PJT Group Stage - Tue 10th Oct, 7pm

I agree ,Id normally pick DJT for a game like this crod but i see this as a must win game to start building confidence again , lose against FGR Saturday is going to be horrible

Got beat by bottom of the league Saturday… different competition altogether, but… a chance to be beat by bottom of the league Tuesday.

You know the drill… :joy:

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I’m sure FGR will put out a strong team as they need the win for their confidence…
I’m sure Sadler will be tempted to return to 3/5 at the back
Is Comley any near to being fit? I’m sure I noticed he was in one of the photos from training last week,

Not sure how we can do that with just two fit centre halfs :sweat_smile:

Does anybody know any updates on Earing, Menayese and Comley?

Could we employ somebody at the club to ask questions like this, perhaps?

Comley - very close to a return

Menayese - Not far off

Earing - making progress but still a while off.

According to Matt Sadler last week.

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Is it just me that finds it puddling that we are now awaiting the return of Menayese as a key element to our season. A player who people were willing to see the back of in the summer.

Similarly with Comley (who I actually think is a decent player) but got pelters from some quarters last season.

Just doesn’t feel like progression does it.


Injured aye they, like a broken record at the Bescot, half the squad on the treatment table for god knows how long, half the squad suspended for stupid red cards that our management should have stopped from happening with greater control.
Riley, the wonder kid that would have saved us had he not been in the treatment room for most of last season has proved to have been half the player he was since he began to wear a Walsall shirt.
We are the team that keeps on giving…always prepared to hand a lift to any opposition in need …will again do similar on Tuesday night.

I dont think any Walsall fan is awaiting the return of Menayese with the expectation of him making the difference. I think a fully fit Earing would be a welcome addition to the squad.

No it doesn’t depressing isn’t it might pop in and see the doctor soon get some stronger tablets :partying_face:

Meneyese was a strange one, originally we had him on loan and he put in some decent performances. He signed a contract and blimey he became awful.

Was just looking back at the last time we won on a Tuesday night and I’ve got back to Harrogate at home which was 25/10/2022, so nearly a whole year without winning a midweek game? Someone please correct me if I’m wrong as that’s just depressing. The last time we won away midweek was Port Vale away? surely not…

Wonder why people are talking about him coming back from injury then :man_shrugging:

I’d say that’s nailed on or they will be hooking him back and loaning him out to someone else. The fella made his debut for the dingles in the league cup and has signed a 3 year contract. He must be half decent and needs to be playing.


Because hes a Walsall player and this is a Walsall forum, theres a difference between enquiring about a players return from injury and fans believing hes going to be some sort of game changer when he returns.

To be fair Sadler is asked every week on the pre match video about injuries.
Comley close to a return. Menayese closer than Earing.
Not sure about Farq, can’t recall Sadlers answer.

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I don’t think we can read too much into the result from this game, due to it being the PJT and FGR who must have there focus on the league. I think we’ll win 2-0, with goals from DJT and DJ. Think I’m right in saying last time we played them in this comp we beat them 8-0 under Darrell Clarke; memory tells me that was after a horror show in the previous game and Clarke got a reaction from the team.

A key opportunity to quickly move on from Saturday and instil some confidence and good team dynamics ahead of a really tough game on Saturday. In a way it’s a no win for Sadler, we play well and do the business tonight and it’s only the PJT, we draw or lose and the knives are being sharpened. I do feel though it’s a really important game in the context of Sadlers reign, we need to recover quickly.

Sadler can always use the “chance to give the fringe players minutes” and " we are concentrating on the league, top 6 position" in the post match borecast.

I think we are better suited to play 4-2-3-1, but that will only work if Draper plays, which I doubt.
Allen will have to play left back and we really should rest either McEntee or Daniels.
Expect Griffith, DJ and DJT to play.
Foulkes, Williams, McEntee, Allen
Knowles, Griffith, Tierney, Oteh