D 2-2 vs Barrow (H) - League Two - Sat 23rd Oct, 3pm

81% have gone for a saddlers victory including myself I’ll go for 2-0 Miller and Phillips.

5.O saddler Gordon to have a nice day out running around in circles as he normally does. 100 Barrow fans. I will be there covid or no covid.

So that’s where I caught it from , last home game then … :thinking:


Think there was probably interest in him the summer before the 20/21 season and he was anticipating a move in January. With injuries and underwhelming form it didn’t happen, then he watched Adebayo and Jules get good moves whilst he was left with his contract running down. Definitely seemed disillusioned.


Yep sounds about right. There was also talk of him having some personal problems at one point. He looked like he had potential to me but things just seemed to conspire against him. Had he banged in a few goals and got some form going he would no doubt have got his move. Time moves fast in football, how old is he now 25? Something like that, you can’t just be a player with potential by that age.

His movement seemed good, he was okay technically too, but his finishing was really woeful and as a striker those goal figures really do matter. I know he played out wide a lot for us, that probably didn’t help his progression either.


1-1 draw. A bundle of missed chances and a late equaliser conceded from a corner.

3 hours of rage on UTS to follow.


What are we going to do with all the free kicks Gordon gifts us ?


Take a point now

It’s the fitness aye it

He was frustrating at times I used to moan about all the silly free kicks he gave away that completely blunted our momentum at times in games he’s probably a 12 goal a season man at best being honest last season he was poor but I thought he was ok before that best for all he moved on though

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Former striker that couldn’t hit a barn door returning, mmmmm sounds a bit ominous to me.


Agree , couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo for us , he’s bound to score


My lads first ever game tomorrow.

If it matches his dads first game it will be a loss. :grin:

I am on the phone to child line as i type :grin: :wink:


Hopefully we can keep the momentum going, we’re at with a decent crowd cheering us on to another three points.
I’m sure the boo boys will be out in force for Gordon tomorrow, I don’t really blame them as he became unpopular. Something got into his head after his injury and he just wasn’t the same player, his partnership with Lavery was one of the worst I’ve ever seen.
It would be nice if we can keep clean sheet and not concede from a set piece - for a change!

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I thought Matt made a good point about how easy that 15 yard sprint is when your winning compared to the same sprint when your losing he was spot on in my opinion plus it will help when we get players back as seen in the last few weeks with us having players to bring on from the bench to change games Matt was unfortunate to get the injuries he did so early on in his reign.

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We should learn a lesson from Gordon. When he was injured, everyone was saying how good it would be when he returned. But we all know that it did not happen. Whether it was the injury or his attitude that changed (or just that the whole team had given up) we do not know but we should not make the same mistake with Holden, thinking he will change everything when he comes back.

Fortunately, we do now have good cover in his position.


Covid or no covid? Can you clarify as I’m extremely vulnerable and so are many others. This is what worries me when people have it and just continue attending games etc?


I have tried to pre-warn people about Holden. He was our best player … in a very very poor team. That’s not to say he wasn’t very good, he might look even better in a better side, which this is compared to last year (low bar but even so), and his record was ok to decent.

I don’t think people should be hanging their hat on him when he comes back, that’s even before you count in the effect of a long term injury

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That’s a big moment for you. Hope he enjoys it.

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Personally I don’t think he ever will come back, not the lads fault of course but you rarely see long term, medical intervention injuries end well in football.

Flash is almost certain to score against us on Saturday, he’s scored some stonkers for Barrow recently (why couldn’t he have done that for us?) but similarly he will give away so many free kicks to us, as he always did, we’re sure to get at least a pelanty out of him!