D C interview after the Salford game

After listening to the gaffers interview several times I think he’s done himself no favours with the players, it was a Whitney type interview in my book.
He was obviously upset as we all where with the performance of majority of the players, he could have simply said it was a bad day at the office and I’ve let the players know what I think of it, it wasn’t acceptable instead he says (or words to that affect) that we played with 10 men.
IMO that sort of talk should stay in the dressing room, tbf I’m sure he told the individual concerned what he felt and rightly so but coming out publicly and saying it as only led to the fans speculating who it could be, this isn’t good for the players especially as fans have guessed and made assumptions with several being mentioned.
As you can guess from this post I’m not a fan of these type of interviews and when managers are upset like DC was then they should send their assistants to do the interviews as these sort of interviews do more harm than good, what are other people’s thoughts on this.


I agree with most of what you say. You often find some back tracking in the week after the interview by other comments in the press. I think fans should treat post match interviews with some caution!!!

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If it means that we never see certain non-performers in a Walsall shirt again, then all well and good.
I wasn’t there on Saturday but from all reports it had to be one of the worst performances for a long while.
It would appear that we have a nucleus of Clarke/Ragnar/Gaffney/McDonald/Guthrie(when not in Bielik mode)/Jules & possibly Lavery (on a good day) the rest…Meh.
Mid table finish would be acceptable but not overwhelming, results like Saturdays will mean the home attendances will diminish substantially.
I am still passionate about my team, I want success, but overall I want like most, to be entertained, by my team showing passion, desire and commitment, don’t mind losing, we are all used to that, but 0-3 at home to Salford?

Can they do this? I thought they were under an obligation to do it themselves Or is that just TV? Certainly he shouldn’t have said that about 10 men playing. Even not naming names has led to speculation about who the 11th was. But we can’t have it both ways. We can’t moan about the blandness of these post-match interviews,and about mangers saying things they shouldn’t have.

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I really think people read too much into manager interviews sometimes. Theyre playing a game theyre destined to lose so will be as coy as possible.
If they say “the team were rubbish, player x and y will be getting rockets up their backside” then people will slate them for chucking the team under the bus and not owning it. If they try the opposite and give a reserved answer, people will moan theyre not seeing reality and are delusional.

Actions speak louder than words given in a media obliged interview, so thats where I look for my response.


I think that people who use the phrase *** *** ** *** ****** should be publicly executed.
So, I’m glad he didn’t say that.

I’m all for him saying we played with 10 players.
I think he’s being generous !

Yeah. I’m sure that’s it. Clarke was hoping the bloke who picks the team was listening to him :roll_eyes:

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It’s not like he does this every week and should this be one of the few times he does it then so be it.

As a manager he has to set down the gauntlet to the players and show whose boss. Hopefully they will stand up and take notice.

As long as he doesn’t make a habit of it I don’t think it’s going to make much difference.

I agree, apart from Ragnar. It’s about time he pulled his finger out, he’s been largely anonymous so far for me.


Far too busy slaughtering Northumbrians and West Saxons to be of any use in our midfield whatsoever.

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At least he comes with a ready made song. Pity we haven’t had chance to sing it yet :smile:

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I have no problem with what Clarke said, in fact, I wish he would say more of it.
Players today, and society in general, have a hair-trigger sensitivity, that take offense at any innocent comment.
Football is a man’s game, you play like a man, you get treated like a man. Play as a child…guess what?
For the first time in years we have a manager who tells it like it is, will not put up with any nonsense and has a passion to succeed at our club.
I know some fans will not agree as they hate being criticized, but Walsall FC has needed someone like DC for a long time.


Agreed, I love the fact he talks real, slates players for poor games, tell them how it is, tells us how it is,. What wouldnt that be a good thing? honest and truth is key for a manager and DC is deffo both those, Will WFC fans just moan about anything these days?

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We all take bollockings at work these players are no differnet, They failed too do there job DC called them out on it, good on him, Rather than the the old “well the positives” because there wasnt any and DC made sure those boys knew that isnt on. Bang on DC, Be real be honest and show passion like you do.

Plus they know exactly where he and they stand, and also what to do to avoid another bollocking.

Best way too be in any walk of life? Hes spot on tho, They didn’t give there all, they didn’t do the minimum as a football players, they didnt show up, If we do that in our work place we get a bollocking/warning or what ever it may be these boys are no different, Either do your job too best of your ability (not meaning your quality and need too be messi) but too your personal ability and want too win or dont be here because us as a club have been used too finding excuses for poor performances any more, Time the players become accountable for the poor quality we see. I 100% agree with DC much rather real honest raw talk then the lies, drivel and clueless talk weve had in last few years.

Seemed to run round a lot but never get near the ball