Daft Question - Flasks

Sorry for this ridiculous question in advance… but do the club now allow for us to take in a flask to games?

I remember a year or two ago they put out some silly press release about how no drinks or food can be taken into games but I haven’t heard much since…

Just sneak one in find your seat and enjoy a hot beverage is my advice it’s cold and you’ve turned up when we are in such a position I’d turn a blind eye if I was a steward :+1:t2:

I know a couple of people who bring a flask, so they certainly don’t check in the Lower. Makes sense, as a throwable object filled with hot water is far less dangerous than a bottle cap.


A flask? :rofl::rofl:
How old are you :wink:.

I’m not worried about bringing one in - just wondered if that ridiculous policy still existed :joy:

Seriously, I believe they are allowed, provided they are accompanied by a tartan blanket.


It still exists!

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I’m not sure if your meant to be allowed, but they never really stop anyone.

This reminds me of the FA cup match at Stoke in 1966. It was freezing cold, with snow on the pitch, so my dad brought in a flask of tea generously laced with Scotch. Watching the lads win 2-0 got me, as an eight-year old hooked on the Saddlers. Sharing the tea caused a different dependency to develop :rofl:


If that was now, you would probably be taken into care (for the scotch, not for being taken to watch Walsall, but even that must be a close call now)


If it’s a hip flask I’ll meet you in block 4 lower for a swig at half time as I can’t be arsed waiting for a pint.


Just slip a flask down the front of your trousers…if a steward asks what the bulge is,just give him a wink and a knowing look,he won’t ask anymore questions…:wink:


Very brave that is what happens if the steward in question asks you to meet him at half time so he can take a look?? :crazy_face:

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I’ve saw a few of the older fans with the flasks in the middle tier, including last week.

Are we able to buy Werthers Originals in the ground?


Dude, thanks for that. The link to the menu is very useful. Can’t bloody see the thing until I’m stood at the kiosk till in the middle concourse.

I like knowing how much I’m going to get stung for my long wait :wink:

Only if you show your pension book first.

I’ve been taking one for the last 5 or 6 years. It’s been found when I was searched once a few years, ago but nothing was ever said.

We always take one the bag gets searched most weeks, tbf always found the stewards spot on

We take a hip flask into the upper with no issues. I’ve had it out speaking to a steward with no issues as well. I don’t think they care to be honest.