Dan Scarr signs


Let’s see for our own eyes first before we judge him. He might be different here



We’re signing some people with great names recently. After Cameron Norman , we now have someone who sounds like a minor character in Treasure Island.

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I thought he was from The Lion King?

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Welcome Dan…a typical DK signing…young,something to prove and ambitious to do well. Lets hope he does…

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I bet the summer “inquiry” was about getting him in on loan prior to doing exactly the same with Fitzwater, Johnson, Ronan, and Wilson. The usual cheap, last minute options.

Now all of a sudden we’re buying players and handing out proper contracts, in the very positions we’ve needed to strengthen all along!

Enjoy the meeting :thinking:



Yep, I welcome the signings, but a real sign of ambition would be to make them in the summer, not in January when they are more about desperately trying to maintain the mid-table mediocrity status quo rather than actually taking the club forward.

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Well two of the signings are for two and a half years we should be ok. for next season if the signings are good enough.This season was always going to be a rebuilding season as was acknowledged by most on here at the start of the season.

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Well I suppose we can only move forward from where we are, the clock cannot be turned back. However, its a fair criticism to say we’ve supposedly been rebuilding for the last two and a half seasons. Fact is you can’t build anything, as has been proven time and time again, by filling your side with loan signings and players on short term deals. They have their place, don’t get me wrong, but you can’t build anything when other clubs can come in and sign them as happened with the likes of George Evans, and Wilson or when the host team messes you around ala Fitzwater.
If building a team is the real way forward then the only way to do it is to sign the majority of players on proper contracts and wages…and, if they look like they are the business, get their terms improved and lengthened where possible sooner rather than later.

Maybe having our own players would go a long way to reconnecting with the fans, and if they start coming back and turning up in greater numbers the club progresses rather than just lurching from one transfer window to another.

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Which probably got lost in the minds of quite a few (myself included) after such a good start. We’re probably now at the level most of us expected and would have accepted at the start of this season. From next season we will be able to properly judge Keates and tangibly monitor the progress we have made



Roberts/Dunn (Needs a replacement)

Norman/Devlin OK
Guthrie/??? Laird can cover here
Leahy/Laird Morris could try moving back here

Zeli/Morris / Ferrier?


all in all, a capable squad



The point I am making is that we are gradually moving to a position where most players on are on deals of at least 2 years. I support that and I certainly hope that extensions will be offered to those players who we wish to keep. However players/agents are in control of these things and some may decide to go elsewhere. It is a fact of football life .



Let’s hope he doesn’t play like a one-legged pirate!



Great another Ian Roper :wink:



I know your joking but that is EXACTLY what we need. I don’t need a centre half who can ping a perfect pass blindfolded after doing 4 Zidane turns. I want one that keeps the ball as far away from our goal as ■■■■■■■ possible at the minute.

We are in no position to be expecting Gerard Pique at the back.



I want my centre halves to look like Gerard Depardieu! Throw in a Forbes mullet for added je nais c’est pas!



So just for my understanding and in no way a slight on Scarr. I hope he has a great career with us and look forward to seeing him play.

But to clarify:

Over 100 appearances in largely promotion chasing sides and proven at this level left back = bad

Played one game in the league above and otherwise played in non-league = good

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Just to clarify:

I’ve seen Laird play many times and he hasn’t played much since because he can’t get into a Forrest Rovers team and is 30 plus

This guy actually managed to appear last season in a league two team that was chasing promotion, not failing to get into one battling relegation.

Neither is definitely going to be “good” or “bad” and both will be given a chance but let’s not just change narrative to suit.



Agree how many late goals have we conceded due to messing about instead of putting it in row z



A hoof,is a better option than letting goals in like a cullender with extra large holes in it.

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Totaly agree @SidSwifty it was said tongue in cheek :wink: I would sooner have a younger version of an Ian roper than some wannabe that doesn’t know where row z is