Dan scarr

Always liked Dan Scarr. Had his fair share of critics. My Plymouth supporting cousin said easily capable of championship football in what is now a Table topping team. Keates signed some v good players actually. Cook and Scarr being 2


And yet the experts on UTS said he would be lucky to stay in the EFL.

An example of a player who does one thing very well. Like Kinsella in that respect, although a different thing.

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Yet is still playing in a mid table league two team.

I suspect that reliable centre backs who score the odd goal are a rarer species. When Scarr played for us, he was seen as utterly useless, much worse than the Player of the Season.

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That’s a really basic and lazy analysis of a player.

With hindsight it’s very easy to say how people shouldn’t have written Scarr off so easily, but in reality we had two and a half seasons of pretty average performances to go off.

Even though he was, I think, top of the aerial duels won stats in League 2 (@CompletelySaddled will probably confirm) you can’t seriously say he ever performed like a top end League One player during his time here?

It’s the same with Liam Roberts, he’s done brilliantly since he left, but you can’t get away from the fact that during his last season here he kept throwing the ball into the back of the net.

Just a couple of examples of how some absolutely LOVE to use the power of hindsight to put other Walsall fans down.


Err, all I said was that people did not think much of him. Even with us, he was good as a centre of a back 3 but rubbish playing the ball out.

The point I was making is that a poor team does not mean poor players. And decent players do not mean a decent team. Keates’s squad should not have been near relegation.,

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Nah, not having that. It’s been done time and again on here.

These two things are allowed to be true.

Player A isn’t very good for Walsall.

Player A is very good for another team.

It doesn’t mean that Walsall fans are wrong in their analysis, it usually means that a player has developed and got better, which is fair play to them.


I think you are agreeing with me, actually. But I also think that if you look back at the comments, they state firmly that he was a poor player.

He did not have time to be developed between leaving us an playing for Plymouth. Their boss was clear that he wanted a central blocker, which is what Scarr excels at.

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I don’t think anyone is saying he improved over night :joy: He’s been there 18 months. BTW he was playing, and underperforming, for us in the same division he is in now, we’ve just dropped lower :man_shrugging:

We were relegated you see, with a team that includes a terrible defence and … errr … Dan Scarr :joy:

Sometimes players do well at one club and badly at another, that’s just life.

Like with most players, if you surround them with shite you will never gauge their true potential.

Fixed that for you.

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Plymouth fans love him. First name on the team sheet. I wonder how he will do in the championship if they go up

Not by everyone


Not all fans said he was shite. Not all fans said he was great.

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Look at that 18/19 squad. Guthrie, devlin, Scarr, cook, leahy etc etc etc and then look at the decline in quality of signings since. We all have our own opinions but i think its clear a serious amount of money has been pulled from the budget. All of these players are so much better

Always thought he was half decent but he was guaranteed at least 2 or 3 brainfarts a game.

Fair play to him doing well now, dare i say some decent coaches have made him a better player…


Obviously all down to coaching . Quite apparent ours has been poor since smith and okelly have left

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Luke Leahy was absolutely awful :joy:

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Exactly. If you really analyse what has happened at our club in recent times (I wouldn’t recommend it !)it is by anyone’s standards an absolute shambles. I can’t even remember who signed him now, was it Keates?

He is a limited footballer, pretty hard to shine in the teams he played in at Walsall. No doubt he has been coached to play a role and get the best out of him at Plymouth. We should try it sometime instead of throwing muck at the wall and hoping some sticks.