Danny Cashman Signs

That’s 5 in the squad now. Only 5 can be used per match day squad. Clarke hasn’t been in the last 3/4 squads for league games.


We will see what he can bring… hopefully goals

We can have more loans but we can only name 5 in the match day squad. Given that Flynn Clarke only makes the 18 when we only have 18 players, I’d say we’re safe to sign (and play) another loan.

Might aswell use up the loans on attackers and hope one can actually hit ground running like DJ has.

No point loaning in a CB when Daniels-Clarke-Monthe is starting every game they’re fit for.

Absolute roll the dice loan. Small hit rate on those, but who knows.


Yeah, they definitely won’t get injured/suspended all season either!

“He’s got the ability to play out wide and through the middle"

That’s him playing on the right at the weekend then :smile:

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Clubs Instagram has shared Cashman’s story accompanied with two exhausted emojis.

Hopefully thats not it from us.

Announcing it so early leads me to think maybe another. Who knows

In the YouTube interview Heslop refers to him as signing 18. But the title of the video refers to him as 17 so got to be at least 1 more unless a standard cock up by our media team

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Hope he’s as good as he thinks he is.

“I am hard-working; I can win us a game. I feel like I have got that final bit of product about me, that last pass or my finishing which I think is quite good with the movement but more importantly I will always give my all."

Welcome to the Saddlers Danny Boy hope you are on song right from the start.
Well his Wikipedia page is sharp and up to date lets hope he is as quick.

I just think that was a cock up on Heslop’s part as he didn’t seem to sure when saying it himself.


A Miller esq type of signing? as long as he puts in the same effort as George but with a bit more skill i would be happy.

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Joking aren’t ya, Miller will score 20 goals this season.

We should have kept him.

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You mean he would score 20 goals playing for anyone else but us :laughing:, i can’t help but wonder how bad some of our coaches are?

2 in 23 league games for Rochdale. 1 assist.

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Not this again! :joy:

Hopefully McEntee will be fit soon to cover for a couple of them on the bench.

Main point though is getting in another goalscorer to try to take burden off DJ is more essential to push club towards top 7 than adding another CB when backline already kept 3 clean sheets already (and should’ve been four if ref had blown up earlier v Stevenage).

Who know if Cashman will be better than Timmy or Knowles. Hopefully Flynn’s signed something to think he can score some goals otherwise it’s just adding numbers for sake of it.


Miller had a much better scoring record at higher levels even if the goals had dried up when he turned up here.

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