Danny Johnson still here

With Danny surprisingly still on the books, does anyone think this may be due to Dannys personal circumstances last season, rather than a dispute with Sadler. If he was leaving i would have though he would have gone by now. Maybe a playing style change coming our way, fingers crossed


Yeah I think that’s the case.

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I hope he stays. We know he can score goals.hopefully any problems are in the past.


I really hope so. We have signed what looks to be a strong wing back, a clever midfielder, and with Johnson we have a 15 to 20 goal striker. I really hope this is the case. I know you can have success in games by not having possession, but god its dreary to watch


DJ seemed to be saying his goodbyes at Plough lane last season for me.

If he wants to stay afterall then Sadler needs to play him. I was in a bad mood more often than not last season even before kick off to see him on the bench.

He needs to be on the pitch for 50% of the time he’s available or more for me. And that means he has to start.

Some rumours last season that he has a few personal issues. WFTV reporting Sadler saying he’s not been available as much as we think. If so hope they’re behind him. Love DJ and I hope he stays a Saddler and bang’s them in for us next season.


I hope he stays and plays, but if it was a personal issue rather than an issue between him and the club, I’d have thought he’d have celebrated when he scored a key goal for us in the run in as it would be a big relief to be successfully doing what he loves after a long period of personal problems.

I could be wrong, but it doesn’t feel like he loves being here and we’ve 100% supported him from the lack of communication and his reaction to scoring.


I hope he stays too. Right now we only have Matt up front, with DJ, we still need two more strikers and two goalkeepers and a few others. We’re looking a little sparse at the moment, but it will sort itself out, always does.
It’s going to be an interesting few days the Poundland.

Nice to see DJ turning up with a smile on his face, hope he has a great season for us.


He did post a positive sentence on X after that game, if he is in a bad way emotionally then he may not feel right running around celebrating.

Fingers crossed its a good pre-season for him.


I suggested that a week or two ago. If it is true, and it does fit the evidence well, then Sadler should be congratulated for keeping issues confidential, particularly when he has been under such bitter criticism from supporters on the issue.

His lack of celebration on scoring the winner against Swindon was widely seen as an attack on Sadler but it might easily have been because he simply did not feel like celebrating.


He will mate, i have it on good authority he has invested in a Dunelm cushion :grin: :wink:

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Whatever the reason for DJ spending much of last season on the bench I’m glad he’s still here and hope that he starts playing regularly again in the next season.
It would be absolutely great to see him score lots and lots of goals in 24/25.


After basically not playing for a season, is it not the case that he wouldn’t get anywhere near what we’re currently paying him?

He’s 31 now, with basically no sell on value.

I really hope he stays too.
I believe the club has helped him recover from whatever issues he was having and we’ll see a different, more focused Danny this season. At least I hope we do.

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Currently our best striker, hope he gets more minutes.

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No offence as i like some of the content on Walsall Fan TV and fair play to him for doing it but i could write what he knows about Football on the back of a stamp he should stick to the fan chats


With the wage he’s on he simply has to play more.

Not a good look for the club if one of the highest wage earners is just warming the bench.

I still think he might leave late on in the window, ultimately you’d expect 2-3 new forward arrivals in that time. From last season’s squad Oteh, DJT and Faal have all gone so they need to be replaced to some degree. Could also make a case for Knowles even if he didn’t play upfront much anymore under Sadler.

The one thing I never got with this if people are claiming Sadler never wanted him is why give him a two year deal? Surely it will be a case of just see how it works out for a year and then just release him if he warms the bench as he did.

To give a player a manager didn’t want a two year deal would be odd so possibly there are other issues in play that prevented him playing as regularly as he should’ve last season. We’ll see in August.

i doubt he would have signed a one year deal to be fair.

I don’t disagree with your post though, the whole situation has been bizarre and pretty costly all said and done.


It’s a long time to commit though to a player who quickly fell out of favour for whatever reason and barely started a game for months.

We saw with Daniels being put in the team as soon as he was fit end of March that Sadler likes putting the experienced players in for key points of the season so it’s just been a strange situation all round.

Even after months of inactivity the way he finished the Swindon chance late on shows DJ’s quality to win games.


I thought Johnson had signed a 3 year deal at the begining of last season? Will have to check that.