Darlington Away Tickets

No pay on the day now according to our official site, so the game is now effectively all ticket with the Northern Echo up here saying that unsold Walsall tickets will go on sale to Darlo fans on the day of the game (they’ve sold out already, so that makes sense). Just thought I’d mention this as I know there’s a few northern based fans of ours that might have thought they could just turn up on the day given that was the original impression given by the “not all ticket” status.


Blimey, sold out with a week to go, how big is their ground capacity, 2-3k?

Darlington fans need to be careful otherwise this could be moved to the “Reynolds Arena” if still has any turf left amongst the cobwebs. Can’t believe even with his ego when he owned the club he ever thought they had a chance of maintaining a 25k stadium, madness.

Edit: Hope Darlington can get back in the league in next few years. Always a traditionial club when I first started following football in late 90s and they had Marco Gabbiadini scoring hatfuls for them when he was close to 40.

Ahhhh the Reynolds Arena, where Darlington Mowden Park RFC currently play. So you have a rugby team playing at a football ground, and the football team playing at (another) rugby ground, meanwhile the proper football ground, which (wait for it) was owned by the cricket club, has been demolished, resulting in a couple of groundshares, one at Shildon, which you will never hear mentioned anywhere on Darlo’s forum, even from’t committe men that come on here, because they paid Shildon a five figure sum then changed their minds and decided to groundshare at Bishop Auckland’s Heritage Park, a far better ground than the one they currently play at (oh dear bit of a double ■■■■ up there then).

Anyway got my tickets today, superb service from our ticket office as ever. Tickets look a bit wierd and “home made”, like something Darloz would have knocked up with his crayons, brass rubbing on the flat-slab.

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Only 58 sold so far out of the initial allocation of 323 (and they claim they can hold up to 800 away fans). We’ll have to spread out a bit to make it look like a crowd for the cameras!

To be honest I’d be quite impressed if we top 100, apparently we’re not getting the whole end now, just one corner nearest the turnstyles, which means our seated fans will likely be the other side of the rest of the Darlo fans that will occupy that end.

Was always gunna be that way…

Mid week too Darlo in very poor form cant say i blame people

The fact its on tele possibly just finnished people’s idea of going

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Still time to get over the three figure mark.

Anyone know how many we’ve sold now?

Latest figure announced is 92 as a of a few minutes ago.

Not surprised at all, Darlington is a long haul for a freezing cold Wednesday night match against what is it? 7th tier opposition?
Only the true away following that would even follow Walsall into the National League would be prepared to attend such a match, which is even on some obscure telly station is it not?
This is a match we MUST win handsomely, put these upstarts in their place, after all we will be knocked out in the 2nd Round anyway! Trust us to draw the most in-form 3rd Division side!

Well done to the fans that are going. At least you will be there to see us paste them.

Reynolds shudda sold the Feethams (does that still exist ?) and rented 'em the new place.

It’s worked before.

Cricket ground is still there along with the “twin towers”, where the footy ground was is now posh houses.

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Ironic as it was probably the least posh ground in the league!

I used to like it, It was the only away ground I never bothered going in the away end because I couldn’t be arsed walking all the way round to the away entrance. Who could ever forget the “car headlight” floodlights on the old East stand which also boasted (steep) wooden terracing, which was great for pushing a loud Walsall fan down when Darlo scored. Ruined by that new one they built at the back end of the 90’s. https://www.footballgroundguide.com/old-grounds-and-stands/feethams_darlington.htm

My favourite Feethams memory was the day we beat Scunthorpe at home in the penultimate Saturday of the 1995 promotion year. Darlo played host to Chesterfield who were our promotion rivals, and as I was a bit skint and needed to keep funds back for Scarborough and Bury away I donned my Walsall shirt and went in the Darlo end, none of their fans were bothered it was a nothing game to them, in fact about 10 of them were sitting in the sun playing cards on the terraces during the game! Chesterfield fetched about 1500-2000, and they all invaded the pitch when Darlo scored an own goal, and it came over the tannoy we were losing 1-0 half time which would have been enough to promote them over us. Finished 1-0 Chesterfield but we pulled it round to 2-1, and the rest is history as they screwed up v Carlisle and we got the points we needed. I got to Darlo station and spotted a young lad (Adam Reed) wearing his Darlo tracksuit, only the incompetant git that had scored the own goal. I went over and gave him a completely faux slagging off, how he’d cost my team promotion etc etc, he was nearly in tears by the time I’d finished, I just went right up to him Yozzer Hughes style at the finish and said …“I’m only kidding son, its just I’m not right in the head”. That was his last game for Darlington, he was next seen on Look North getting transfered to newly crowned Premier League Champs Blackburn for a few hundred K, supposedly the next big thing, although he ended up back where he started.


While I’m reminiscing, do any of our older fans remember the game at Darlington in 1979? My dad had been posted to Catterick and Aberdeen post 1946 having been a soldier in WW2 and the subsequent partition of India. He came home from the pub one Friday night and asked me if we were at home the next day, he only did home games unless it was a big cup match or a local derby, trying to get my old man to drive you anywhere was impossible. I told him we were away at Darlington and suddenly his eyes lit up, oh we were going he said, to visit a pub called the hole in the wall where he used to go in 1947 apparently. So off we went, me aged 11, my hooligan brother who was 21 all set for a couple of hours in this boozer from my Dad’s youth, followed by a 4th division football match, and then somehow getting home…except we never made it to the pub. There’d been an accident on the A1, and we didn’t get to the ground until after kick off, about 3.20 . Game was awful, we went 1-0 up and remained so until about 4.45 when Darlington equalised after my dad had been screaming at the ref to blow his whistle, then the game went on… and on…and we scored not one more but two and ended up winning 3-1! The game had been delayed apparently and kicked off at 3.15 and we hadn’t even realised, not even at half-time :rofl:


I always liked Feethams with all those trees behind the stand. It was the ground that my son (Oct 85) and daughter (May 87) both saw their first Walsall games. Both Walsall wins!

I’m going chaps. Please say hello if you see me - I’m not so inconspicuous looking… :wink:

But any tips on where to park @geordiesaddler ? I’m hoping to get there about 6ish…

There’s a car park at the ground but it will be rammed I would have thought. There used to be plenty of parking at South Park where the river is heading back into the town and turning right, but they’ve started coning it off, but you might be alright at 6pm, what you then do for and hour and 45 would be the next problem!

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A lot of Darlo fans park on Blackwell Lane. It will be rammed tomorrow, but if you’re early it’s a decent spot. You then walk through the grounds of Blackwell Grange Hotel and you’re at the ground.

Apologies in advance for the away end!