Darrell Clark: Walsall are failing miserably

More words of wisdom today from the boss At the minute we’re failing miserably, I’m failing miserably. Well Darrell instead of keep spouting on about it sort it out the next 2 games are must win. At this stage of the season to say that is to me a joke we need to start winning.

I know it’s boring and fans will be sick of hearing it but you have to keep working with it and working with the players and changing the mindset of the players in that final third, you keep doing that and eventually it’ll turn. when will this happen I wonder this is all we are hearing in the paper I am getting worried I will not slate any body but After game saturday I turned to my son and said we are in trouble.

Hes trying to put it right. I dont believe the 200 seconds he put into fulfilling media obligations here would have an effect on our turnaround so, and just my view, putting the boot into him for something like this is just a product of the ‘race to the bottom’ culture on here. The latter part is my opinion though.

Ill only add that managers have been absolutely crucified on here before for not ‘saying what they see’ and trying to find positives to defend their underperforming players. Clarke isnt doing that and hes taking responsibility.


Clarke out - Walker in?

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A good man to have when the Mr. Chips are down!


His own fault for signing a load of players with in his own words “have something to prove”that’s all good and well if you have half the team who have something to prove with another half of the team that are proven because in my eyes they all have something to prove for a reason and that reason is they ain’t good enough never have been and never will be.He took a gamble and it’s failed miserably


“Cant belive he said this as well !
We’re in a disappointing position at the minute, but let’s see where we go, you can comfortably lose 15 games in this league and still finish in the top half of the table.

What a great season we are in for !!

I still don’t think we’ve hit on the right formation for this squad.

I hear that Guthrie is our best ball player, but on Saturday he was our deepest midfielder, whilst our battling/combative midfielders are further up the pitch.

I’d rather one of Sinclair or Kinsella be the deep lying midfielder and have our ball player further up the pitch where his passes can create something in the final third.

I’d also like our strikers fighting to be on the end of crosses/passes into the box rather than be outside the box providing those crosses/passes.


Errrr… but he’s right. MK Dongs lost 13 games last season and gained automatic promotion, Newport lost 15 and reached the play-offs. Criticise all you want, that’s your right as a fan, but all this picking up on the slightest thing that’s said as a means to come on here and twist and moan is just exactly what happened to Whitney and Keates, its really tiresome, especially as we are all fed up with the rubbish start we’ve had. On this fact DC was right on the money, and yet you still find a negative in what he said. I would be very surprised if we had a good season after the way the first phase of it has panned out, the reason being DC doesn’t seem to have a clue what his best team or even formation is, but picking up on every little thing he says is ridiculous.


Well said that man, agreed we all wanted a better start and we’re all feeling deflated especially on the back of the crap on and off the pitch over the past seasons, but it is incredible that some are questioning the take over by Pomlett, Christ let’s give him a chance!!! We will probably be paying that blood sucking ex chairman ■■■■ for a number of yrs, Bonser gone thank god, long live the King!


Well said those men :smile:
I am a bit worried about how things are, but getting rid of the leech is the best news in years. I can handle the relative disappointment of a dodgy start.


Put it right? He’s 3 months in to putting it wrong in the first place. People keep talking about a rebuild job, he’s made 30 plus changes and to me we look worse.

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As an inventor, Thomas Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”

Hope DC can get it right before he makes 1000 signings, but I’m sure you get the point.


That’s really not a like for like. This isn’t the first football squad to ever be built. I’m afraid you get one chance at that as a football manager before you get the sack and somebody else fixes it.

I’m not saying he’s failed, I’m saying I’m very worried he’s having to “put it right” so early into his tenure.

I know it’s a slight exaggeration to make a point, but the point is he may need a season or two to sort it all out. I’m happy to give it time, and I don’t think we are a million miles away from being half decent, once he works out his best formation / line up.

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Two? That’s a bridge to far for me. If his first example of building a squad is this then it needs to seriously improve soon or he isn’t the man for the job.

You’re not the first person to say were not that far away. A certain Mr Clarke has said that himself. But I don’t see it at all.

Two is fine, providing he is building something sustainable.

Just read your edit - I don’t think we are far away. This league is pretty ■■■■.
I expect us to be more positive tomorrow, win, and move on from there.

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Warren de la Rue invented the light bulb.

Why is two fine? You honestly think we can stagnate for two years? What gives him that leeway considering the dross we have served up so far? It’s all hypothetical but if we keep going the way we are going we won’t be a league two team for long … we’ll be a national league side!

I expect us to draw and create nothing again but hey I hope you are right.

Details, pah.

I’d be comfortable with 2 years, as long as it wasn’t actually stagnation, and there were reasonably consistent signs of forward momentum.

I always thought that would be the synopsis anyway, as we were here for 5 seasons during the Hibbitt era, when it seemed easier to get out anyway.