Darrell Clarke Appreciation Thread

There were a few doubting him but can those who doubted him now start to believe in him.

He has had to rebuild a side which had a losing mentality, a side which was bereft of ideas and a club which lets be honest was heading towards the Conference.

There is now a man in charge that KNOWS what hes doing and knows whats needed to take us forward again.

If you cannot build a side straight away, capable of competing then you build a side difficult to break down - which he has done.

For a club in League 2 I genuinely believe we have the best manager possible at this level.

(This post is mainly aimed at those that were booing on Saturday and those that have taken to WFHYS to call for his head)

Darrell Clarke’s Barmy Army


Darrell Clarkes barmy army! Up the saddlers!


Never lost faith, probably the most qualified coach/manager we have ever had, knows the game far far better than some of the FM Managers on here.


Im not convinced even those booing him ( all three of them) have lost faith in him.
The bloke has a big job on his hands but being patient is not easy. Im backing him 100 percent ( but reserve the right to boo if I get bored from time to time).


If things keep going sure! It’s been nice to see a bit of consistency in his selections and I actually thought we played better than ok for the first time this season on Saturday. His words in the press have been much better as well actually.

Bit rich to be asking for a total one eighty after a two game run of those you were calling reactionary for moaning at a 9 game run though to be honest. But as I’ve never booed at any point this season and haven’t called for his head at any point I’ll assume I’m not one of the people you are being catty at :+1:

In Darrell Clarke we believe!!!


Darrell :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

If you’re reading this, ignore the nobheads without any patience or common sense.

A lot of us believe in you.

Up the Darrell!


LP had the vision to hire DC based on his impressive CV and man management skills.
Both men knew this was a long-term project to get this club back on track.
Not only has DC had to re-build the first team, he’s had to start from scratch with the academy/youth set up too.
His efforts are paying off, we’re not going to score a lot go goals as we lack the creativity in the side, but we are not going to concede many either. I can see a lot of scrappy 1-0’s this season.
I think DC’s number one priority was to make us difficult to beat - 5 clean sheets in 10 games is a testament to that. It speaks volumes about how well the defenders are currently playing when a very good player like Matt Sadler can’t get into the team. I wonder if he could switch to right back until Kory comes back?
Things are not anywhere near where DC wants us to be, the encouraging thing is that we’re making progress, improving game by game - we are right on schedule.

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The thing is Darrell Clarke took over a club rotten to the core from top to bottom, we have had a clear out in players and backroom staff and a new chairman.
The club is in need of stability, so I think its important Clarke is given plenty of time and support to get this club back on its feet.

I dont understand why people are/was calling for him to be sacked after such a short period of time, what will this really achieve?. Let’s say these people got there way and clarke was given the tic tac, that would mean we are back to stage 1, and do you for one second think we will be able to get a successor in with Clarke experience at this level with his qualifications not a chance.

Let’s give Clarke and the team our full backing, we might not have much quality in the team, but we make up for that in passion and determination and we have actually got players that want to play for the club.
Give me this team over last years team any day week.


Up The Clarke

What a man

“It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning, it’s the last thing I think about when I go to bed”

“That’s why my wife doesn’t like me very much, my kids don’t like me very much, but I put my heart and soul into the job"



Talk about overreacting - first one way, then the other.

Calm down fellas. Need to save a bit of jizzum for when we break into the top half :smile:


Early school report…potential to do well.

I expect better from him as a manager, but I believe he can do so, cant say the same for the last couple of managers.

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Must admit I’m perplexed by this. The argument , one I agree with,was that it needed time before a conclusion could be reached. Now some of those who said that seem happy to make up their minds on the back of two improved results.

Always said we wont do any better at this level if he fails the club will be the issue lets hope hes backed properly.

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Absolutely delighted for him with the two back to back wins. Huge task on his hands this season but I like his enthusiasm, commitment, energy and the way he engages with the fans. Hope recent results will give us all a much needed boost.


It is still early doors and much much room for improvement… But I like the fact that he knows this awful league and what it takes to get out of it. UTS

I was beginning to doubt his tactics but it is clear that he has a plan, even if it is a little dull, as he wants us hard to beat. Add that creativity in January and we should push on further.

He wasn’t rubbish this time last week. He isn’t the messiah this week.

We’ve played two of the weaker sides in the fourth division and just about beat them both.

This is good.

Saturday will be a sterner test and will be a decent barometer of improvement since we played them earlier in the season.

And that’s all I want from Clarke. Keep us out of trouble and improve us, even if that improvement is quite slow.

He’s doing alright and saying the right stuff. That’s enough for now.


I never doubted him but I was/am concerned about the lack of creativity in the side. He needed to address that and he has to some extent. I would have liked to have seen another winger brought in - I don’t rate Holden much - but that wasn’t to be, even though DC did promise to bring someone before the transfer deadline. I like the new defensive solidity- we need to build from the back. Let’s hope the winning run continues. UTS

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Exactly. It’s turning into a radio phone in round here; gonna win the league v’s conference material.

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