Darrell Clarke confirmed as manager

Darrell Clarke knows how to celebrate,lets hope he gets the chance with Walsall.

Darrell celebrating


How refreshing is it to hear a manager who is articulate? I mean we have had Whitneys “erms” and Keates “as you say” for far too long.

Just hope his intellect transpires into a decent side.

Have a good feeling about this guy though.


Sorry to sow a seed of doubt, but I seem to remember that Clarke tried to sign Bakayoko last season.
Just saying.


Maybe he would have got the best out of him,and maybe he can get the best out of some of our other players who have been written off.

To be fair Bakayoko only scored one goal less than Gordon and wasnt on the pitch as long. There is a League 1 striker in him somewhere and im sure Clarke would have got best out of him.

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Perhaps there is but I’d have Gordon over Bakayoko all day long - although he’s a lot smaller in stature he’s twice the presence and nuisance Baka was


Bonser would say “Well done on getting us promotion Darrell. Now don’t forget to put the money in the till for that drink”.

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Why would Bonser put himself in danger of forking out for a drink when there’s still plenty of urine swilling around the lower bogs? Waste not, want not.

Don’t show him this. He’d err, ■■■■ his pants with excitement.

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Just got back from a sojourn abroad and was very pleased and surprised that we had appointed Darrell Clarke. A really good appointment in my view Lets give him and the team he will build our full support . UTS


Yeah I agree, at this moment I have faith in the manager to make players better - I would suggest he look at Morris under Smith, Wrexham and Tranmere before deciding on his future…

He could sign Ryan Jarvis at this point and I would wait and see before making judgement.

Ryan did more than Matt! Both a waste of space though, for different reasons though…

We’ve had plenty worse than Ryan Jarvis over the years.

Didn’t he score 2 goals away at Bournemouth once ? I was at the game and couldn’t understand why people were writing him off, until I found out that that particular game was the highlight of his career :laughing:

I was at that game too, supporting Bournemouth as instructed by our great leader :wink:.

Looking at our respective status, it is hard to believe that was only a few seasons ago.


Ryan Jarvis… awful player.

All down to Smithy apparently…
“But before he accepted the role he wanted to find out about the people behind the scenes with Walsall’s board having come in for heavy criticism following their relegation from League One. And Clarke revealed Villa boss Smith – who was Saddlers manager between 2011 and 2015 – had nothing but praise for the club.”

“We had a chat because he knows the club very well,"

Smithy really does hate him, then? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This how a team looks.
Just look at what we took home last night from the darts.


The perfect heist. No one will ever catch you.

Right lads, off to the Champions League final now, and don’t forget the swag bag…

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