Darrell Clarke Linked to the Lincoln and Southend Jobs?

Not to sure about this just heard the rumors lol would you be bothered if he went or not ! Is it just the press with the usual name linking or Not.

You can get odds on 25/1 for Clarke to leave the Saddlers and take up the role at Southend and even shorter odds of 20/1 for Clarke to take up the role at Lincoln.


Whitney was actually shorter than those odds for the Peterborough job early last year.

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He turned down a huge pay day when staying at Rovers to snub Leeds so cannot see for the life of me why he would go to Lincoln or Southend.

Yeah that was a big mistake… A huge chance to make a name for himself.

It’s just the bookies making a market. Nothing to see here.

And have a sacking after 2 months on his CV

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When we appointed DC I did think at the time every lower 2 division jobs that become available he will be linked with them. I think although he has been incredibly loyal to his former club I think he won’t make that mistake twice. Would I begrudge him a better job, no I wouldn’t because I think he really is the honest guy he comes across as in his interviews etc.

Will his continual connection to vacant jobs be a constant threat till he actually leaves? Yes I believe so. :frowning:

it will be interesting if anyone actually comes snuffing around. I suspect the fact he’s been given total control here(given all his mates jobs) means I won’t be worried about it for a while.

Lincoln is a great job for someone though, Southend is asking for trouble. Aren’t they touted to be the next ones bust?

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I don’t think they will be worried about that after the Bury and Bolton fiasco.


Can’t be based on his 4 months at Walsall!

I think he’s very much signed up for the long term project here…Lincoln would be interesting though if they actually approached. Regular 9k crowds and feels like that squad has one more promotion in them. I agree going in there and just sticking to what the Cowleys did is a good job for someone out of work or looking for quick rise back up the leagues.

One to watch could be Mansfield, he’s from there and their rookie boss is struggling so far with one of the best squads in the division. That vacancy could become available at some stage this season so that could tug on the heart strings a little.

I reckon DC will be on a nice packet at Walsall, so for that alone I can’t see him moving to another League 2 club.


I’d drive him there myself. Over hyped cack manager

Nah, I don’t think so. If you come from Mansfield and have the choice, you’d never willingly go back. Plus he’d have to deal with one of the biggest attention-seeking CEOs in football.


Now that’s what you call a CEO, I wouldn’t mind being picked by her🙏


Nice packet and Walsall dont go in the same sentence.

Not sure about that , Bonser , Mole and Gamble have always done alright out of the club.

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Money, no.

Biscuits, yes.

I know it is possible, but rather unlikely. Of course there will be reports linking DC to nearly all available positions in this league, maybe even league higher, but I think there is minor thing. Here he has some project to finish and has backing of the owner. In different club it could be more problematic. So I will be very surprised, when that change will happen now, not after season or seasons.

No wonder we couldn’t attract any decent strikers over the summer and so many ended up at Mansfield!!:joy::crazy_face:

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