Darrell Clarke Linked to the Lincoln and Southend Jobs?

DC had a lot of luck with us and I think Lincoln would do you a big favour if they took him off your hands,you will be bored to tears with his footballing tactics (projects) and all the dust he attracts.

Good luck you will need it,hope someone can turn your fortunes round can’t see it being DC though.

You don’t get 2 promotions by luck. Time will tell with DC. We certainly need to start winning matches though.

But Keates wasn’t that far off managing one at the level of the first, so it’s not clear how much talent is actually necessary for that one. We don’t know. Saying," he’s got a decent record" involves paying disproportionate attention to the first half of his managerial career. What if the second is at least as significant ?

Not saying I want him to go. I still think he’s owed time, but I’d be saying that for anyone who inherited what he did. You’re having to jump through hoops to base your faith on his record.

Blimey that’s a rare sighting, a Bristol Rovers fan coming on here and not thinking the sun shines out of his bottom half!

Can see this thread being overtaken by the other gasheads on this forum before too long. Fight fight. :wink: