Darrell Clarke: Mid-term report

  • A: Excellent performance
  • B: Good performance
  • C: Reasonable performance
  • D: Requires improvement
  • E: Poor
  • F: Failure
  • U: So bad, he doesn’t get a mark

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I went for poor, I understand his hand are ties but it doesn’t take much to make yourself hard to beat In this league.

It’s all gone wrong this year, but I think it’s only fair he gets the chance to see out his contract and try again next season. I’m pleased to see he finally dropped his mates

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Can’t go for anything other than fail. Top half was a minimum this season

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I’ve gone poor, whatever wage budget the guy has it doesn’t justify the idiotic team selection we witness week in week out.

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I’ve backed him for as long as possible but I said it a while ago, I don’t think his personality is right for us as a club where we are at the moment.

A manager in our position needs to take full responsibility of his actions and look after players who are going to need a few months/years to be a success. He does not, he hangs players out to dry to make sure he doesn’t look so bad.

A manager in our position needs to have a plan, we have ‘simple’ footballers so let’s keep it simple. Projects from week to week won’t work, they are proving they don’t work and regardless of Darrell claiming that throughout his career he has got more decisions right than wrong, focus on the here and now, his projects are failing.
Even when these projects start well, if a manager tactically outdoes him during a game he rarely responds right to win us a game.


I went for poor due to the backing our new chairman’s given Clarke ,he said he’s got him every player he wanted at the start and I believe him ,Also all the tinkering and excuses Clarke has given us is not good enough ,think it’s make or break next season as the backers waiting in the shadows won’t wait around for long ,I refuse to blame Pomlett for any of this i admire him for releasing us for the shackles of that leech bonser

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I think that’s bang on.


I’ve gave Darrell an E for effort as he’s always a fidget with his team selection never listens in class always thinks he right and never shuts up with the same old sentences.He’s blown the school budget on average stationary and never learns from his mistakes even though he admits to them all the time more effort will be needed this term otherwise he will be bottom set very quickly.

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I thought this earlier about his demeanour. It’s all very O Driscoll for me. (Although my contempt for waste of ■■■■■ is beyond belief)

It can only end in a similar way

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I think it’s reasonable.

The season isn’t over yet, and if we finish mid table or so I’ll be relatively happy.

I think this season will be judged in hindsight next season. I expect us to challenge and I won’t be happy if we don’t.

Remember the crap we had to go through with Smith go get to the side that was so good.


This is an important point, though Smith managed the fans and the media far better. There is an issue with Clarke there, the ‘my fans’ etc rhetoric and his bullishness with reporters is beginning to grate. It’s the kind of behaviour you can only get away with when you’re churning out good results.


It’s not hindsight though because Im judging him on what I’ve seen so far. Hindsight would be me saying he’s failed at the end of the season.

I went for a big F for fail. He came in and was allowed to sign a new team. He had a blank canvas. We are surrounded by bigger clubs who look to loan out players: why haven’t we picked up some decent loan players from Villa, Wolves, Blues or the Baggies? Do we really prefer to loan players from the likes of Fleetwood?! So, his transfer dealings have been woeful: Guthrie, Adebayo, Liddle, Guffney, Clarke - I rest my case.

Then we have his constant tinkering, no wonder we’ve got no discernible style of play. He is far too clever for his own, and his players’, good. He tries to be be Mourinho when what we really need is Chris Nicholl. He needs to find a set way of playing, pick a settled side and stick with it.

So, Grade F - must try harder if he wants to still be around next term.


In league one is also different to L2. There is only about 2 sides traditionally “bigger”.

No divine right and all that but we are being bummed by Morecambe and Crewe.

I think throwing blank canvas is harsh though, it’s difficult to assemble an entire squad from scratch.

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Can’t say I’m particularly happy with the way the season has panned out bloody hell its the first of February and it’s already being spoke about as being over!!! But I’ll wait and see what happens for 15 games next season and what happens in the summer before I start calling for his head I still think he’s working with a poor budget which hasn’t helped his cause let’s hope more funds are available in the summer than have been this season.

Torn between C and D as the way it’s panned out is what I expected. Mid-table, some decent performances, some dreadful.

We’ll be here a while.

Spends to much time with his badgers!


Went with RI. The team, at times, has shown promise but only when he seems to stick with somewhat of a settled formation.

Agree with others though, his interviews are becoming really irritable. At first it was refreshing after last years squad of knobs that he told it how it was, but he makes everyone out to seem inferior to the mighty messiah. Can’t remember who said it earlier in this thread, but you can only really do that if you’re producing on the pitch.

Hit the nail on the head

Just as a point of order - I’ve been told that the man who speaks to the media on camera is not the same bloke off camera.

I think he comes across worse, because he’s a bit awkward as soon as the camera comes on.

I’m 100% sure the above information is true as well.