Darrell Clarke Newspaper Article

From yesterday, actually a really interesting read.

Full article here:

Interesting piece here from it discussing figures received for transfers


Sounds about right.

To be fair though, we were in the middlem of a pandemic and had to make sure the club survived


Hard not to respect someone who overcame such a difficult start to life but that interview is peak Clarke. I don’t miss him or those interviews.


I hadn’t realised his background. That explains much about him. I certainly have compassion for him and wish him well. And his dad, to be honest. Imagine losing the mother of your child when that child is only 2 years old. One of those stories which makes you think “there but for the grace of God…”


That is what the wife and I always think when we give a couple of bob to the unfortunates living on the streets, (much against the wishes of the PC brigade who tell us all not to, and would obviously wish them to starve to death!) we were lucky, we are both reasonably intelligent, started our own business which was very successful and sold on for a very decent retirement…others are not as fortunate, get into difficulties, try to obtain solace from drink or drugs, and get deeper and deeper into a rut.


He’s doing the media rounds.


Walsall need to learn how to match this sort of PR.

Walsall Drawstring


Back of the net!


Who’s told you not to donate to the less fortunate than you then? Is this just another one of your generic posts based on your own little reality again?

Odd stuff.


I thought Clarke actually did spend some decent money at Bristol Rovers.

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Obviously a difficult upbringing for him. I don’t get all this hatred towards him anyway. He was not a good Manager for us and his tenure was very disappointing. I think we should ignore him from now on and concentrate on our future with a good young Manager.


Honest interview. I know people will disagree but I thought he was a very good manager. He was cut off at the knees by Pomlett not so much in the first season but the second season. Jules, Adebayo etc left and we’re replaced by absolute crap. Players he clearly did not want. That signalled his exit. Could not work under the Pomlett, Gamble and Mole regime.


Well at least that explains why he’s got an ego problem.

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Reading that explains why he is like he is. Perhaps self praise is the only sort he had as a child and this continues with his interviews. It also seems that the owners have created a very friendly club with a strong link on togetherness and looking out for each other whereas our club seems very corporate and business like. I can’t imagine we have that same family feel within the working day. It’s easy to see why Clarke is much happier there, especially with the backing he is getting. Good luck to him.


Can’t say the same. I only made it half way through before the “I’m so brilliant” bullshit reminded me why I was so relieved the day he left so I wouldn’t have to read it in coverage of my club every bastard week. He hasn’t changed much.

“I told her “he can go f*** himself” I’m like that, I cut people off”.

Charming thing to say to a third party nurse, how very macho Darrell.


Or maybe “how indicative of someone who has had a very difficult upbringing, the like of which most of us, thankfully, can’t begin to imagine”.

The “ego” is exactly what I always thought it was…crushing insecurity. The back story explains exactly why he is so insecure.


Sure, I’m just not sure that’s called for to the nurse not the bloke himself and the fact he seemed to think that was worth gloating about sums him up. I’m sure that was lovely for the woman who was simply doing her job.

Sad he’s had a tough time. Not sure about making that an excuse for his conduct for the rest of his life.

Another bit that made me laugh was that he convinced himself if was one lone fan carpet bombing Clarke out signs at Rovers after getting them relegated from the football league. He really does live in his own version of reality.


I don’t agree with your comments on our club. I think there is a lot of support around for everyone. Player after player who has left us has always remarked on the good family atmosphere at Walsall even if they have said the pay is poor compared to others.

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Probably because some people were pointing this out and being hand waived away at the time, and the bloke took cheap shots at us on the way out.

The club’s buying the player’s were in the middle of the same pandemic,