Darrell Clarke Newspaper Article

Bit of a cheek him saying that about Bristol Rovers. Yes they sold players but he spent nearly 1m on Stefan Payne and decent amount on Tom Nichols and both flopped badly.

I certainly have more sympathy with what happened last January. Dosen’t take a rocket scientist to think guys like Scrimshaw and Osei Yaw wouldn’t entered his head for a second in summer transfer plans and then he had to sign them last minute.

You’ve seen with Vale side currently with Mal Benning and James Wilson the calibre he’d have signed here if given the budget.

Think LP was thinking of sacking him regardless end of the season so that’s why he got miniscule budget and walked out.

Who knows by next May it could be decision that in the long run worked out very well for both parties. Good aswell to have at least one opposition down here where they’ll be some edge to both games.

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Uh? ?

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Wilson just scored for them. They go top if they score two more goals I think.

Considering they had slow start to the season they’re in some incredible form. Clarke however always been a streaky manager (saw that in patches here) so hopefully they lose form soon and come back into the pack.

He’s still a dick


Do you live on this planet? Do you not watch ‘the news’ or read papers?
We are told by all and sundry of the PC brigade that it is politically incorrect to offer help to the homeless, we are making their problem worse…Eh?
However you probably kick 'em about the place when you see 'em…

Nope never heard that sorry. Maybe your news sources haven’t reached planet Earth yet, trying adjusting your Arial from medium wave bullshit.

Also, please explain why would I kick a homeless person then? When have I ever suggested we should do that?

Again, odd behaviour


You have always been odder than me mate.
Anyone on planet earth that has not heard about this strange meddling in helping the homeless out now and again must have been away with the fairies. Keep up lad.
Someone once berrated me for handing a fiver to a homeless guy in Manchester City Centre, told me I was perpetrating a falsification that the homeless were in any way needy!

You haven’t answered why I would apparently be so keen to give the homeless a kicking yet. If you wish to fling mud around I’d like to hear your justification then.

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Just your attitude to a perfectly truthful reasonable sensible post.
Shall we just watch the football and end this fiasco?

Happy to watch the football, can’t say I’m impressed with your slinging shit at me and my character about how I would treat people in a terrible situation though, keep your shitty assumptions to yourself.

Have a pleasant afternoon.


Stefan Payne that’s it, no wonder they didn’t trust him a transfer budget with buys like that

In fairness he’d just scored around 20 in that season Sloppies lost league 1 play off final. One of those who didn’t hit ground running, Clarke left and they just spend seasons after loaning him out.

Clarke would I’m sure be looking at Miller this season and that’s the calibre he wanted last year to say replace Gordon when he got injured or when Adebayo got sold.

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You can well understand why Clarke went. I really don’t blame him. I still believe our budget is not what they say. Y

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Even if we had a top ten budget (LP’s words not mine) we still don’t have millions to spend on quality players. Unless a Saudi businessman (or sheik) comes knocking on our door telling us he has a billion or two in disposable income. Yes, I know, dream on.
FGR are the standouts in the league at the moment, they may falter a little but based on present form they will win the league. They don’t have a lot of money. Was their budget higher than ours?
There are a lot of evenly matched teams in L2, if one goes on a decent win streak they’re right up there in the play off hunt.
I believe that’s where MT wants us to be but we’re not consistent enough. Have we had back-to-back league wins this season? Once we get our key players back I hope we can be more consistent than we are now.

“They don’t have a lot of money. Was their budget higher than ours?”

they are owned by Dale Vince est net worth 107 million Quid…….

Their budget would be higher than ours…