Darrell Clarke Quilts

Half price at Dunelm.

Features include the ability to produce a patchwork defence and sew discontent amongst the fans.


Need to be consistently changed and never placed in the same position.


It’s curtains for us all now , open or shut case …

Great for sewing your coaching badges on to.

He’s ducked off to feather his nest elsewhere.

You do realise that @monkeydog will be peeeed off at another great thread has been spoiled by puns :man_facepalming: :wink:

I only started it out of consideration for him :wink:‘‘Twas only a matter of time before the original one went that way.

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It’s a cover-up.

Eider way, he’s going down.

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Good thinkin Batman :wink: or should i say “pillow of society” :smile:

Vale won’t be waiting to ‘gel’, they’ll just be bedding in.

Warning: May contain no clean sheets


Vale also tried going ‘Continental’ a few seasons ago. They got relegated from L1.

All tog ether, bye bye tinkerman.

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As for Vale, duvet know what they are getting with Clarke?

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Side note from mods: there’s no blanket ban for bad quilt puns.

Maybe soon I’ll enjoy watching Togger again!

This thread really does show how we don’t really give a toss that the man with the badges has flown the nest :joy::joy::joy:

We won’t let him stitch us up.

I bet he can’t wait for the puns to stop, so it will be safe to come from under the covers.

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If they’re topping and tailing in the comedy house…

Clarke: “have you farted Brian???”

Dutton: “one nil to the Saddlers”.