Darrell Clarke

Just read that Darrell Clarke has quit to take up another job??

Seems a bit random.

If it was true… I’d be very concerned about the future of the club.

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Bristol Rovers?

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There’s a few stories on social media, this can’t be true???

He fell out publicly with their board didnt he? Dunno.

Let’s hope it’s true. Done nothing but steal a wage and took club no where.


Is it still the same board?

Can only think of Port Vale, Northampton and Bristol Rovers with vacancies at the moment.

No idea! Just asked my Gas mate.

Would imagine Dutton and Taylor go with him, so Llera in caretaker charge?

Could be the opportunity for Kelly to have a crack, seems to have been angling for it on iPlayer commentary.

I’m not that fussed either way. I can’t see us making any progress under him, the football is tat, and there’s no underpinning style or philosophy that can be discerned after nearly two season’s worth of games, two pre-seasons and four transfer windows.
That said I could never see us getting relegated out of the league with him, if he’s had enough of us in what must be one of the safest and lowest pressure jobs in football then it suggests we are on a downward trajectory that he doesn’t want to be involved with, and that’s very worrying.


Happy to drive him there :+1:t2:


There will be no tears from me.


Surely gone for compo?

Might end up being the most low key exit ever.

I’ll gladly put your petrol in mate, But on the strict proviso you don’t bring him back

Is your vehicle big enough to fit all his badges into tho. mate


Tbf mate I might struggle to fit his ego in.


Another club has seen his recent work and thought “he’s our man”?

Struggling with that idea.

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I think I should expand on my previous point - I wouldn’t be in a full blown rage if he left… however.

I’d just be very very worried about why he would leave.

Mainly about the financial situation that we do not know about . Losing two of your best players and then the manager leaving within 2 weeks isn’t exactly the most optimistic of times.


Nice timing for Pomlett.

Bit of compensation. Tops up the wages / covid 19 pot.

They can dangle some names to interest the early birders in the next few weeks.

We appoint a cheap option / inside option for the next few months and save a few bob.

Clarke was a good appointment on paper, but dull as dishwater.


According to my Brizzle mate Darrell and Wael ‘still speak’ so who knows.