Darrell Efl Show Quest

Darrells in the studio on the Efl show on quest now if anyone’s interested

Has he slagged our fans off yet? :wink:

I do like the bloke but he reminds me of droopy the dog when he’s on camera :smile:


Said he tried to bring in Callum Lang who’s now onloan at Shrewsbury from Wigan

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Can someone provide a transcript to enable Belphegor to run it through his recently acquired Slagometer?


Interesting, would’ve been a good pick up.

10 in 30 games for Morecambe in 17/18 and 13 in 40 games for Oldham last season so a decent scoring record in league two.

Did he move on deadline day or in the weeks before as maybe that was the main target and Gaffney was plan B hence the delay in his move.

He doesn’t say, just said he enquired about him but he wanted to play in a higher division

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Lang is a brilliant player.

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To be fair to Clarke he has probably missed out on a lot of his targets due to the massive re-build and the poor start to the season.


But Pomlett said Clarke hadn’t missed out on any targets that he had put forward to him? :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

That was in early August.

Lang moved on last day of the window.

Shame he has waited for the tv cameras to share this. This kind of snippit shared with the fans nearer the time, or at least when the window closed, would have stopped a lot of the drama on here.


Yes, lets hope the siege, and shut up shop, mentality is not creeping in already.

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I tried to sign Lionel Messi once on football manager. I also tried to get a date with Rihanna and a night out with David Bowie.

Would have been class if they happened…


Pics or never happend :smirk:


No,what he said was “Pomlett hadn’t refused to let him sign any of his targets”…you need to get someone to agree to join the club before the chairman can say Yay or Nay.

No you’ve got it the wrong way around. Pomlett said he hadn’t missed out on any of Clarke’s targets.

But that was before the season even started so I’m guessing we were in for Lang after that point and didn’t get him.

The question is, whether they were his main targets or not?
He may have had target A, missed out on him so moved on to target B, missed out, tried target C etc etc.
All his players were undoubtedly ‘targets’, it’s just a matter of how far down his list of targets they were!!

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I was only joking :smile:

You obviously weren’t insistent or persistent enough.

(I’ve always wanted to say that)