Darrell Hartlepool interview

A real insight into the man. My thoughts have changed a bit and I like him more than ever. I was an anti Darrell earlier in the year , but he’s bared his soul.


It is brilliant. Best man and best owner for the current situation.

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No matter what the results are like on the pitch I will always like DC as a person.


Must admit, I really enjoyed watching that, had me laughing. Nice to see an informal side to the manager. Well done Darryl.

Might not be everyones cup of tea but he is mine. You get what you get and hes funny with it. No one can deny we were getting somewhere when all this crap happened… One theme running is how highly regarded he is where ever hes been…Few more players and we wont be far off…


Bloke loves a beer, can be seen in a number of Lichfield establishments on a regular basis.

Pre covid of course.

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Seems top ordinary bloke.
Likes his p***y, likes a pint, and not a single mention of coaching certificates , much to the annoyance of his several detractors on here.

DC’s a top bloke. I’m very happy our senior management team (DC, LP, SG and DM), they’re all on the same page who desperately want to take the club forward.

Really enjoyable watch.

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