Darren Byfield

I’ve seen both of those play. They definetely have something. Djt. Can’t see any attributes at all. Hope he does well

What’s this thread called ?



Better by the day.

I’d be happy with Byfield as a coach. Knows the club, gets the club, but most importantly has earned his experience.

It’s all about whether Sadler feels comfortable working with him as part of his team. Sadler said he wants the right people at the club whether it’s players or staff. I think Byfield will fit in well.

A first team coach that played all his career as an attacker, can’t be a bad thing.

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Someone who knows the club inside out, and has built a good reputation in non league and league 2 as a forward thinking, dynamic coach. It on the face of it seems an excellent appointment and addition to Sadlers staff.

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This would be a good appointment, he’s started at the bottom and worked his way through.

Hope this is true.

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We had 2 worse strikers last season!what utter nonsense you type. The kid will get better and needs time and minutes. He showed he’s got something against Carlisle in the fa cup then got dropped again for 5 games after scoring for bloody Williams. He also played well and showed bits of quality and hard work against Northampton at home. The kid 21, he’ll only get better.

I’ve tried to speak to byfield on 2 separate occasions and he come across like he doesn’t wanna speak and a bit miserable but I suppose could have been wrong place, wrong time or going through something at the time. If it’s him I hope he does well and cheers up a bit. At least we have an attacking coach this season if he does arrive of course.


I’m not overjoyed about DJT being signed on a personal level but we have to get behind the lad now and see what happens with a bit of encouragement from the stands.It’s a one year deal and he more than anyone will be aware of how much of a pivotal phase this year could be for his future in the game.Anyway back to the topic I agree with the above he’s earned a crack.

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Looks like @Dhforever has beaten me to this one. Byfield will be announced. When I was being taken for my walk this morning he was at training already.


Are we close to any other signings ?

Not that i have heard about just at the moment.


All this certainly feels like a real sign of directional change to me.


Liked a comment above that said he possessed an attacking style approach, now wouldn’t THAT be a change after the boring defence minded claptrap that Flynn undertook, that put most of us off footy virtually for life!


Really cant say that I am too fussed about this one to be honest, but everyone else seems pretty chuffed?

Am I missing something? The last I heard Byfield was manager of a few local non league clubs quite far down the pyramid?

Knowing the club well historically means absolutely nothing imo - as showed with Keates. So I really hope there is more behind this appointment.

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He’s been coach then caretaker boss at Crawley hasnt he last season?

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Really not sure on this one, don’t think he was a major success at Walsall Wood and Crawley certainly didn’t seem to be in any rush to keep him
Great player for us, but coach, extremely debatable

Would take anything that happened at Crawley with a pinch of salt. Absolute basket case of a club

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