Darren Wrack - Head of Recruitment

In an interview on talkSPORT today, when asked about the scouting system at Walsall, Keates stated that Darren Wrack was now our Head of Recruitment. Pleased Wracky is involved, strange the club haven’t announced it formally.


Congrats to Warren…

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The interview is here …
Darren Wrack is mentioned as working in recruitment - but it doesn’t say its with us.

That interview (with Skysports) is different to the one I listened to on TalkSPORT, where Keates explicitly stated that Wrack was our Head of Recruitment.

" An ode to the Walsall manager who has turned things around"

When I saw that, I expected to read something from King Crimson.

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He works for a sports management company …


He is also our Head of Recruitment, unless Dean Keates is mistaken.