Darren wrack

Hi am i right in thinking that Darren Wrack scored a goal for us direct from a corner? If so can anyone remember who it was against and dont suppose anyone has the goal clip? Thanks

I think it was against Millwall when we won 3-0, but wouldn’t bet my house on that. Don’t know if there is a clip of it.

Definitely was against Millwall, in the 3-0 win- we were attacking the GA in the first half.

I remember it well, because Richard Green nearly ran me over on the car park before the game, so I went directly to the Goldliner a stuck a quid on him for the first goal at 33/1. Nine minutes in, and Green met a corner at the near post for his one and only Walsall goal. Everyone else was raving about Wrack at half time… not me!

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Thanks both someone else said they thought it was millwall. Would be great If someone had the clip.

Can be found here, gents - courtesy of @hkpete :


Simon I cant get it to load. It says oops may be private

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Or doesn’t exist

You might have to sign into a Google account, Lee.

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How do I sign into a google account from there please I’m not great with stuff like that lol

Have another try, mate.

Its loading the clips now thanks. I just cant find the goal :see_no_evil:

Found it. Nice archive.
Unfortunately, the shocking goalkeeping for Wrack’s goal brought back the nightmare of Burton’s last minute fluke against Gillingham in 2016.

I cant find it how did you get onto it?

I’ve put it on YouTube

Millwall (H) 1998-99

Thank you. :+1: your a legend

Actually, @Coxy should get the credit for these videos. The only thing I did was to point out that 2003-04 should have been 2002-03.

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My bad! Apologies @Coxy x

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as this is a wrack thread does anyone else think he only had one or two decent seasons? never rated him that highly myself.

I’d say the first four/five years of the ten he spent at the the club were his best. Became a utility man under Lee, played in generally poor teams under Merson and had injury problems during the last few seasons including that horrible leg break.

I’ll always remember him for his first season, the goal he scored at Bournemouth was one of the best I’ve seen and was massive in us winning promotion.