DC 3rd in the betting to return to Rovers

Incredibly he’s just behind Tisdale and Holloway for a Rovers return.
Get those engines running.
Has another team ever paid compensation to a side 17th in L2?



Would it be worth paying them compensation for taking him?

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I can’t find him on any betting sites to be next Rovers boss and I for one hope he stays.


He can be third, but I doubt he will go somewhere. I think something was promised, so for now, DC will build his dream here. I’ll be very surprised, if other club would want to sign him now. Or he wants to change ship in the middle of season.

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What ever people think of him , he gives me the impression he’s a fighter and the harder it gets the more he will dig his heels in to make a success of what he’s started.

Just wish we had more clout and were able to have the finances required to get those first choice players instead of third or fourth .

Gambling on , or being forced financially to get in cheap players will only work occasionally , and that is if you’re very lucky .


I’ll chip in with a contribution…I’ll also drive him there myself, with a genuine steak meal thrown in!
Brizzle directors I implore you, think what you are missing, he has coaching badges you know, Oh yes you do already know, it was you who sacked the useless prat in the first place…

I agree. He has a massive ego so will want to stay to prove the faith he has in his own ability.

I’m happy sticking with him. Can’t see the benefit of getting rid. There is every chance he’ll come good given time and support.


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What’s a non-genuine steak meal?

Although i am not desperate for him to stay or leave i would like some stability. We would be starting all over again. So if i was given a choice, I would rather him have a period long enough to really judge him. Wonder if their fans want it to happen.