DC's transfer policy!


In relation to Hardy, maybe DC isn’t a fan due to his attitude. Now I’m not saying he has a bad attitude, but he obviously has ability and DC thinks this too based on prior comments. I can’t think of any other legible reasons as to why he isn’t being much of a look in.

I’m also baffled by this. I’ve not been impressed the little of seen of him, yet he is the messiah.

I think it’s mainly from when he came on and helped change the game against FGR. He scored (rebound from Flash’s effort) but more than that was seen to link up well with the other forward players. Mind you, one of those was Holden who also came on a a sub in that game.

A bit of a mythology has then grown about him as well didn’t get another glimpse for ages - and any non-setting of the world on fire was blamed on the rest of the squad rather his own ability.

I think he is probably one to develop for the future rather than the answer to our prayers today - but a useful impact player to have in the bench.


Based on hardy has shown enough to be given a fair crack of the whip . He is also one of very few in the team who looks to go forward at every opportunity and be positive. I just think Clarke continues to persist with Holden why?surely hardy should be given a go.

On the same subject, Keirsey looked a reasonable player against Crewe.


Don’t get me wrong I’ve nothing against Hardy! I just don’t get the hype. I can see why, I guess fans just desperate to see someone pass a ball.

I also thought Kiersey was decent v crewe never to be seen again. Is he the new Allen Picken?

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It took Facey a long time to break into the team but now he’s almost a shoe-in. Ditto McDonald.

Still not quite halfway into the season yet (and DC’s first attempt at building us a squad), so I’m still happy to give him some time.


Maybe it’s DC’s attitude that needs to change,he does seem to have a strange way of treating certain players,as well as a strange way of bigging up certain other players who the fans don’t rate.Maybe he is so stubborn that can’t admit when he is wrong.

There’s probably more than a hint of truth in that.

Can’t say I disagree and it is obvious that DC has a certain way about him, BUT he is the one picking the team and if he doesn’t like certain players attitudes at times (ala Jules atm) then that could be reasons for them not being chosen.

When we signed Mick Bates from Leeds in the mid-70s there was high expectation amongst fans. He was a total flop. The start of the next season people were moaning as he was still there and hadn’t been kicked out over the summer. That next season he was a revelation - captain fantastic!

Same could be said of Kenny Mower, Andy. Absolutely hopeless when he made the first team, but became a pretty good, solid left back for many years. Another local boy who came good.

I think he was always a pretty solid defender, but his passing went through phases. At first his one get out was the hoof down the touchline. Then as we improved and he had Preece and Shakespeare in front of him , he got more confident and would make shorter passes inside and got good at it. Then once they’d gone and then we declined, he increasingly reverted to the long ball down the line. Not sure how much was him and how much was the lack of options offered by the rest of the team.

Josh Flint released from Pompey on the radar apparently, according to Newsnow.

A year of consolidation this season, methinks

I’m starting to think that DC is going to come good in the second half.
I’m not a massive fan of his big head but I reckon that by next season things will be sweeter.


I’m starting to think that DC is going to come good in the second half.
I’m not a massive fan of his big head but I reckon that by next season things will be sweeter.

We can only hope, right?

I’ve always thought this season would be like a chemical experiment, you mix and match different elements until you have the correct formula. DC has been tinkering with the elements all season, I don’t believe he will have the right formula until the end of January, depending on who he brings in and ships out.
We need to extend McDonald’s contract, bring in a right flanker and add a younger/fitter Guthrie type player.
Holden needs to go back to Bristol City - now.
This may be harsh, but if DC let all of our forwards go I wouldn’t be upset.

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Agree, I think “absolutely hopeless” is harsh. We did win promotion in his first full season, he must have been at least adequate.

Just read that E & S report about Gaffney!!!
Think this Dutton bloke believes in father Christmas, he must if he thinks the bloke has any talent!!
Watched him in a couple of matches earlier in the season, and, to be honest, he was ‘carrying’ Lavery, who was obviously unfit. since then he has gone downhill fast.
What matches are these backroom staff watching? It certainly ain’t the same as WE all watch.
Something in the background ain’t right, constant tinkering, constant Holden, and almost constant Adebayo…we can all see the problems, why can’t they?

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Idiots and expensive ones at that!

I think Liddle, Kiersey, Gaffney, Adebayo and Holden should be moved on, but I think it’s more likely Gaffney will sign, and Holden and Adebayo will remain for the season.

Unfortunately I think Hardy may be off loaded without being afforded the same opportunity Holden has been given.

So 3 out and 2 wide players in + attacking midfielder and hopefully a striker.