Dean Keates going back to Wrexham?

Just saw this on twitter

Doesn’t make sense. Even if it exists,why would Walsall want to enforce the clause? What’s in it for them?

They’d have to be desperate to have him back.

more likely to be a clause of his pay off if it’s true.

Wouldn’t be suprised to see him back there. He only left because it was us, although I think it left an extremely sour taste is their mouths.


After his performance here I would be shocked if anyone wanted to give him another chance. Totally inept

They are, in relegation zone of the national league so clearly they’ve got a fair bit worse since he left.

Rumours in the press around these parts that this is a possibility.

On the surface, yes.
He was, however, doing OK at Wrexham first time around and started OK here. Possibly a case of wrong move at the time, to the wrong club. I wouldn’t write him off just yet (not saying that you are). He was let down badly by some of his players, and he has hopefully learnt a lot from the whole experience.

I’d be absolutely thrilled if Dean was given another chance at management. Yes he was an awful manager for us, but would want any Saddler legend to make a living from football. Hope he gets it and keeps them up. Good luck Dean.



If he does go back, no reason to wish him anything but well. Might have failed at Walsall, but it wasn’t through lack of effort.

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100 percent this, wish him nothing but the best.

Still a hero to me, that goal at Swindon is up there with the best moments of my life😀

He ain’t the first manager to be cut down by a split dressing room and he won’t be the last.


I’m always puzzled why people get misty-eyed over that swindon goal and I was there.

Hartlepool lost. At home. The title was ours barring an insane goal swing.

I presume people like to just remember it more romantic that it was. Local boy, late on, sweet volley- rather than ishy netting in a drab 1-0 borefest against wrexham which is the goal that actually won the title.

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Pools were well in the mix until the end. That goal sealed it and it was pure magic.


3,500+ Saddlers travelling away in the baking sun, on the hooch all day, already promoted, officially having the last word in the title race with a spectacular top corner volley equaliser from outside the area by a club legend who had already been part of two promotion campaigns, meaning that even if Hartlepool equalised (and let’s not forget they were drawing 1-1 until very late on which would have given them the title and not us if we’d lost) we were still champions.

I can still see that volley sailing straight towards where I was stood. The eruption. I’d pay a lot of money to relive that day. If you can’t get carried away in the romance of that…


You’ve just answered your own question.

If you can’t get misty eyed over a goal that sealed our only ever title what’s the point, might aswell close the doors and turn off the lights

It was literally everything we all watch Walsall for, otherwise why would we bother? The emotion that day was like nothing else. There was blokes crying in front of police dogs the lot🤣


I believe he was paid off in full, upfront. Possibly to do with that.

I have never got this “Legend” status everyone affords Keates.
Combative little midfielder, good footballer no more than that who was fortunate to play in some of our best teams, and was also quick to scarper.
Gilbert Allsop, Tony Richards, Colin “Cannonball” Taylor, Alan Buckley, and no doubt a few more but Dean Keates a club legend? Sorry, not for me.

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Quick to scarper? - we went up twice with him instrumental to the team, he was the only one with the sheer determination to keep chasing lost causes in the playoff final at 2-1 down, and was the main cause of Rougier’s face-plant own goal. Having been promoted he wasn’t really good enough for the higher division, yet returned to us and was again a vital part in our promotion from L2, scoring the goal that secured the title.

What more do want him to do - spontaneously combust into a 50 foot high flaming Swifty? Walsall FC didn’t end in 1985, you plonker. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Ill not lower myself to your juvenile nasty name calling. I have my opinion of Keates as a player and you degrading yourself by immediately resorting to insults will not change that and actually speakes volumes more about you as a person than i ever could. There were 11 WFC heros in that play off final yet you cite Keates as the only one who showed determination.
Yes he did return to us, but i fail to see how that afford`s him “Legend” status as it may have escaped your attention but he could only return after he had previously “scarpered”
Average to good player, no more than that, lucky in time to play in some of our best sides, and you need to learn some manners.