Dean Smith and John Terry


Who cares!! This smith guy has never won anything! Never got a team promoted! Who are ya,who are ya.


Telegraph reported this morning that Richard O’kelly had joined Dean at the villa.

Perhaps the two of them can manage JT. also have a recruitment guy!


Agreed and he wasnt on that wage for very long, having been somewhat of a journeyman in his playing days (and filling lesser backroom roles until becoming our Manager)


Ferguson was given time at Man U: he could easily have been sacked early on. Man U have not been at all patient with subsequent appointments. I’m sure that there must be a lot of examples of managers being given time for their methods to work. Anyone think of more examples? I don’t know my football history well enough to come up with answers. Equally, there must be managers who get given time, it doesn’t work, eventually sacked. Any histo who can give me examples of that? Dyche? Howe? What I’m after is whether patience works or doesn’t work. Trouble is, there are so many variables that can affect outcomes… :confused:


No no. It’s an average wage for league one three years ago so he should have been happy with that for the rest of his career. Apparently.


Terry is a big personality, and you cant deny he was a fantastic leader on the pitch… I see him struggling temperamentally to be a number two personally, but time will tell.

Dean Smith is a good appointment for them,

On the day Brucey got sacked on BBC WM Villa fans were going on about Rafa Benitez, Eddie Howe, Roberto Martinez… still living in the 90s!!


It will go tits up if terry is number 2, deano has worked with o’kelly for years and it has worked, and got him into the position of managing his boyhood club, terry has no experience of being a number 2?


I think Deano spoke a lot of sense when ever he was interviewed when he was with us , and came across as a Manager you’d want to perform for , and looking at how we we’re playing in the end and how he’d improved the player’s , and now what he’s done at Brentford i feel he will get the respect he deserves from player’s and staff as he come’s across as a genuine nice guy , and obviously get’s player’s on his side and performing , and i know people feel hurt that he left us but we don’t have an ambitious Chairman that would try and persuade him to stay so i personally wish him well and hope he get’s the backing from the fan’s


I’m really pleased for Smith. Managing the side you support must be a dream come true, especially a club as big as Villa.

I have two worries for him though. The first is John Terry. It feels like the owners wanted a “name”, hence the flirtation with Henry. The appointment of Terry means that the presumably well oiled Smith/O’Kelly machine needs to re-calibrate around an individual who they don’t know and therefore can’t trust.

The second is Villa fans. We all know that they think they should be rubbing shoulders with Barcelona rather than Rotherham. Their impatience means that nothing short of play-offs this season and automatic promotion next will probably see him gone. Even that may not be good enough for many and as we all know it takes Smith time to instil his philosophy a turn that into results.

I wish him luck.


While we dream of ruubing shoulders with Rotheram.


Must be great to manage the club you love. Could en$ in tears though.

The only way to make sure you can stay for ever is to ensure they know you’re their number one fan. So don’t manage, buy. Then hobble them once you have them under your complete control.


Good mates apparently.


So were Jon Terry and Wayne Bridge


Well I hope it works our for him …not so concerned about the Villa though!!!


Tbf haven’t seen anywhere near the amount of bitter comments (well abuse, really) aimed at him by Brentford fans as was hurled at him by some sections of our fans when he went - they were probably the very same fans that hounded him for every step of his 4 years in charge of us :joy:

It all seems very pro-Dean from the Londoners and generally very thankful with wishing him all the best. Maybe it was because of how close to completing the job he was with us? Or maybe just those sections of our fanbase are classless morons - you decide lol


Maybe Brentford fans know deep down that they are punching well above their weight and are quite content.


Hyperbole overdrive.
I doubt even Cully “hounded him for every step of his 4 years in charge”.


Cully :joy:

Hounded Smith for years and campaigned for Whitney to stay. What more can be said about the bloke.

I remember those that wanted Smith out and campaigned long and hard, but lets not go into it. Don’t like to rub it in how wrong people can be - makes me sound arrogant being proved correct time and again :v:


That’s nothing, how about the lazy Sawyers collection of f’clowns?! :joy:


From a career point of view Smith’s decision to leave us for Brentford has been thoroughly vindicated and as I say above I wish him nothing but success.

But that doesn’t automatically make the people that were vocally unhappy about his departure from our place “morons”.

We had collectively brought into what was turning into a fantastic story. The survival in his first and second seasons. The emergence of a footballing philosophy, the building of the first team to play to that philosophy (the Paterson, Brandy, Grigg one), then the building of a better second version that had us genuine title contenders.

Then the stuff around all of that which made us feel great about our team and club. Mourinhio’s praise for the way we played plus the media vignettes like the fact that the CEO, the manager and the captain all went to the same school.

Then there was the back story. Some of us remembering the ginger haired teenager making his debut early away at Sunderland who played his full part in a clean sheet in a 3-0 win that ended a fifteen match losing streak. A mainstay of the team who made the difficult transition from Fellows Park to Bescot.

And he was assisted by a bloke who was an important cog in the team that gave us some of our best times as Saddlers. It was he who tantalisingly rolled the ball across the line at Anfield for our first equaliser against the strongest side that the best team in Europe could field. Also a vital part of Coakley’s promotion team.

A brilliant story that we were enthralled by and at the bequest of the club we “believed” in. We had been mostly patient during some quite fallow periods under Smith but it all seemed to be coming together. This quite unique and brilliant story was reaching a thrilling and potentially heroic conclusion. And then like somebody tearing the last few pages out of the best book you’ve ever read, the conclusion was denied us and we will never know how it might have turned out.

Gut-wrenching. And yes, upsetting. And yes it made some people angry.

So please spare us the accolades for how magnanimous the Brentford fans are being. To them this is just another transition in the very transient world of modern football.

We had a back story, a connection and a “journey” that spanned decades and generations. We were paid up and bought in to all of that and it was taken away.